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FREDI Baby monitor Review

FREDI Baby monitor Review

If you are looking for a baby monitor to give you just that little bit of extra help when you are looking after a new baby there are massive range of options. So we are here to help you with the decision making process.

This review is all about the FREDI Baby monitor so you can get a clear idea if this surveillance camera set up will work in your home. We take a look at the features this baby monitor offers and we give you to pros and cons so you can clearly see if this product will find itself on your good side.

We will also give you our verdict. The FREDI Baby monitor has two way talking and is completely wireless and has a unique comical design. You can access the camera from your tablet or smartphone and you can adjust the camera remotely as well.

It can pan 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees so you can avoid blind spots in your baby’s room. It has high quality optics and allows you to see at night with high contrast infrared.

But let’s take a closer look at how well these features perform. That way you can clearly see if can trust it to help you keep an eye on your little one.

FREDI Wireless Camera Baby Monitor 720P HD Wireless Security Camera With Two-Way Talking,Infrared Night Vision,Pan Tilt,P2P Wps Ir-Cut Nanny ip Camera Motion Detection



  • It comes with two way talking
  • It is wireless and easily connects to your Wi-Fi
  • You can access the camera remotely via smartphone
  • The camera can pan 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees
  • It comes with high quality optics
  • It has high contrast infrared night vision
  • It has a motion detection function
  • It has preset functions and a time trigger
  • It has its own free mobile app
  • It can record to an SD memory card locally
  • Weight: 1 pound ( 450g)
  • Dimensions : 6.2 x 5.5 x 4 inches (15.7 x 13.97 x 10.16 cm)


  • The camera makes a recording and sends it to your phone when the motion detector is activated
  • The app is secure and password protected
  • You can access the camera and adjust the view from anywhere your cellphone can connect
  • You can record to an SD card
  • It is reasonably priced
  • The camera offers good image quality
  • It is responsive
  • It has a good mounting bracket


  • It has only one camera and does not allow for split screen views
  • It can be a little tricky to set up
  • It does not offer cloud recording
  • You need an Ethernet cable to set it up effectively
  • The camera password does not work very securely and tends to reset to default
  • It is easy to hack this camera
  • There can be some network errors with connecting to your Wi-Fi
  • It does not support hidden networks


This little baby monitor from FREDI has more to it than meets the eye. Even though it looks like a little puppy it does have some powerful features behind those cute camera eyes.

It makes a recording and sends it to your phone when the motion detector is activated.  It comes with an app that you can use to adjust the camera and view the room from the palm of your smartphone holding hand.

The app is secure and can be password protected for a little extra security. If you see anything you would like to keep you can record to an onboard SD memory card.

Unfortunately it does not offer recording to cloud storage. It comes with a nice sturdy mounting bracket to keep it in place, and a camera with great image quality. It has two way communication and sound that other monitors (especially in this price range) do not offer.

If you want to shout at this camera for being a bad dog, there are unfortunately, a few reasons.  It does only have one camera and does not allow for split screen views.

It also is a bit tricky to set up and you will need an ethernet cable to really get it to work well.  The camera password is not its best feature, it tends to reset to default and can be a hassle to changeto a more secure one.

It is therefore easy to hack this camera which defeats the purpose of having a secure view, especially when your children are involved.


Compared to other baby monitors this FREDI camera performs very well. It is very reasonably priced, it is responsive and you can easily access it through a variety of devices such as your smartphone.

Many other baby monitors require that you use a specific receiver. The set up of this monitor is a little more tricky than other basic baby monitors but it offers the option to record to a memory card.

For its price, size and quality it really compares very well and actually outperforms more expensive monitors on many levels. However the security of the online connection is not great and can easily be hacked and that really is its big weakness. It can also be a bit sluggish with connecting to the Wi-Fi network. 


This little guy is versatile and gives you a range of options whether you want to keep an eye on your little one or just want additional security for your home. You can even have this puppy keep an eye on your dogs.

The FREDI Baby monitor is inexpensive, responsive and has quite a few features to keep you happy. It will require a little more savvy to set up, but after that it is really easy to use.

We can really recommend that you adopt this little watchdog if you want an extra pair of eyes on your little one, but be sure that you sharpen your IT skills a little and make sure that it will be secure when you use it.

GHB Baby monitor camera video digital security 2.4 GHZ Two way real time Audio Talk Review

GHB Baby monitor camera video digital security 2.4 GHZ Two way real time Audio Talk Review

If you need to do a ton of housework while you need to take care of a newborn at the same time, you might feel that you need to clone yourself to get everything done. Luckily technology has come such a long way, that you don’t need to think about how you might need an extra pair of arms.

You can rely on a portable baby monitor so you can go about your daily tasks, while your little one sleeps and you can still keep an eye on her.

In this review we will take a look at the GHB Baby Monitor. It features two way audio talk so you can talk to your baby, but only when you choose to. It is wireless and portable and works with video.

It also has night vision, so you can keep an eye on your child even when they are asleep in a dark room. It has a temperature sensor and is battery powered.

It works well over large ranges such as 160 feet indoors, and even further outdoors, when there is nothing in the way. It comes with two power adapters and a user manual.

But we will also tell you more about what works well with this monitor, and where it does not do so well. We give our verdict so you can have a clear idea before you decide to buy this for your baby’s security.


  • It features two way audio talk
  • It is portable and wireless with a 2.5GhZ frequency
  • It has a video feature with a 2 inch (5.08 cm) color display
  • It comes with an automatic night vision feature
  • It can be used over long ranges of 160 feet or 50m indoors
  • It includes one receiver and one camera
  • It comes with 2 power adapters and user manual
  • It has a temperature sensor
  • It has an easy set up process
  • It is battery powered
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces (362.8g )
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 2.4 inches (12.7 x 2.54 x 6.09 cm)


  • This is a multifunctional monitor that can be used for babies, security or for frail care patients at home
  • It is very compact
  • It is durable, well-made and has an elegant design
  • The video and sound are both clear
  • The night vision works well
  • It has very little to no static or noise
  • It has long cords so you can mount the camera higher on walls
  • The music feature works well
  • The receiver can fit in your pocket and be carried with you


  • The plugs connect to the side of the monitor and is inconvenient
  • It can take several seconds to turn on and show a picture on the screen
  • The video can be a little unclear or fuzzy
  • The LCD screen emits light and can’t be turned off while you are sleeping
  • It has a startup screen and a tune when you turn it on that can be a bit annoying
  • The audio is not on the same standard of quality as the video


The positives of the GHB Baby monitor include that it really is a multifunctional little set up. You can use it in the normal sense of a baby monitor, but you can also employ it to do some security duty for you.

If you have an elderly frail parent that you care for, this can also help you to be sure that they are doing well

But its good points don’t stop there. It is also a compact unit, neither the camera, nor the receiver take up a more than a tiny amount of space. It is sleek and well made.

The sound and video are clear and you will be able to see what is going on even if baby’s room is dark. The night vision function works well.

This monitor has very little noise or additional static, and the music feature where you can play a lullaby for your baby works really well. You can even fit the receiver in your pocket and carry it with you while you go about your day.

The GHB has only a few negatives but in the spirit of fairness we won’t keep it from you. The plugs or cords connect to the side of the camera unit and can be a little inconvenient to mount.

It can also take several seconds for the video to appear on the screen when you turn the receiver on. The video can be fuzzy at times.

The LCD screen also emits light and can’t be turned off while you are sleeping. The video quality is better than the audio quality that can be a bit annoying.

The monitor also has a startup tune like a cellphone that can also work on your nerves a bit. The lullaby music feature doesn’t have the best volume control. That covers the good and bad points lets go to our verdict.  

Our verdict

In this review we took a closer look at the to see if it really measures up. All things considered this GHB Baby monitor really is an excellent choice. It has far more positives on its side than negatives.

It is well made and versatile and has good quality audio and video. If you want peace of mind while you go about your day and need to know that your baby is doing well, this is a great product.

It can also look after the other important things in your life by doing duty as a security camera. The portability of the receiver is a convenient feature and the night vision will help you see if your little one is sleeping without having to go and check and accidently wake her.

We can recommend this baby monitor and hopefully this review has helped you make your mind up as well.

LANSOR pocket baby monitor Review

LANSOR pocket baby monitor Review

Lansor pocket 3 MHz Probe Baby monitor LCD backlight, listen to and record your unborn baby sounds and movement,

A portable baby heartbeat monitor is a great way to have peace of mind during your pregnancy. You can listen to your unborn little one’s heartbeat in-between your doctor visits. You can keep track of that tiny heartbeat and also bond with your baby.

In this review we will take a closer look at the LANSOR pocket baby monitor. We will tell you more about what it features it has, and what is good about it.

We will also be fair and tell you about some of the features that are not so good. We will give you our verdict on this pocket baby monitor so you can make a decision without having to stress too much about the value of this monitor.

The allows you to listen to your unborn baby in the womb. It allows you to listen to a heartbeat and movement as your baby grows.

It features accurate FHR (Fetal Heart rate) detection and is safe and non-invasive. It comes with a built-in speaker with its own volume control.

The baby monitor also has a socket for earbuds or an audio cable connection to a computer. It has a clear LCD display and is really compact so you can easily put it a handbag.

It also comes with an interchangeable probe and it has an ultrasound frequency of 3 MHz.


  • Allows you to listen to your unborn baby’s heart and movement
  • It has accurate FHR (Fetal heart rate) detection
  • It is safe and non-invasive
  • It comes with a LCD display
  • It has a built in speaker with its own volume control
  • It is compact and easy to carry with you
  • It has an interchangeable probe
  • It has an ultrasound frequency of 3MHz
  • It comes with a socket for earbuds or audio connection to a computer
  • Weight: 17.63 ounces (500g)
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 3.74 x 1.37 inches (13.5 x 9.5 x 3.5cm)


  • You can pick up a heartrate from around 14 weeks into the pregnancy
  • It is very easy to use and there are many helpful videos available to help you operate it
  • The heartrate beats per minute indicator is quite accurate
  • It functions well for its price
  • It provides you with peace of mind
  • It is compact so you can carry it with you almost anywhere
  • It comes with one free bottle of gel


  • It can take time to differentiate between your own heartbeat and that of the baby
  • You will need to buy additional gel
  • There can be some static and noise
  • It feels a bit cheaply made


The LANSOR pocket baby heartrate monitor has a great set of positive features. It allows you to listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat from around 14 weeks into your pregnancy.

It is an easy to use monitor and you can even look at a range of videos online to help you use it more effectively. It will provide you with peace of mind, especially because the heart rate display is accurate and clearly visible on the LCD screen.

It is a compact unit and true to its name you can easily carry it in your pocket. You also get a bottle of gel included with your purchase.

On the negative side the monitor can have quite a bit of static and noise. This means it can be difficult to clearly differentiate between the baby’s heartrate and your own.

This can be quite frustrating and may cause you some worry. If you have trouble hearing a heartbeat it might just be the receiver that is not doing its best, or your baby being a bit shy. If you are worried check the batteries, and then consult your doctor.

Another annoyance is that you will also need to budget for additional gel, because the gel you get with your purchase does not last very long. The monitor also feels a bit cheaply made and does not look very hardwearing. But let’s see how it compares to other models as well.


The LANSOR compares very well to other home baby heart rate monitors. It is reasonably priced and has a clear LCD screen that gives a readout of the heartrate.

Other monitors don’t have screens that display the heartrate. It is also ahead of some of its competitors because it has a speaker with volume control and a socket for earbuds.

Other models often only have speakers or a place and port for headphones. It is a bit noisy compared to some other options and it is a bit heavier, but in terms of price and ease of use it really competes in the top range. It is easier to use than other types that do not have separate probes.

Our verdict

This baby heart rate monitor by LANSOR is a great way to reassure a nervous mom or first time parents. It has a good set of features and the clear heart rate display is a main positive feature.

It is reasonably priced and will give you peace of mind when you listen to your baby’s heartbeat in-between visits to your doctor. It is very reasonably priced for what it offers and we can recommend this monitor to nervous first time parents, or anyone who want to listen to their baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy.

The added benefit of the LCD screen with an indication of the beats per minute of your baby’s heartrate really counts in this monitors favor. If you want peace of mind, but also a more accurate sense of baby’s heart rate this is an excellent choice.

Hopefully this review has given you some clarity about the and given you the information you need so you can decide if this will work for you as you embark on your journey as a new mommy.

Wusic Womb music heartbeat baby monitor Review

Wusic Womb music heartbeat baby monitor Review

You may have listened to your unborn baby’s heartbeat when you went for a scan and wished that you could repeat the experience at home. There are several baby monitors available that allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat so you and your partner can share the experience many times as your baby grows.

You don’t have to wait for the next doctor’s appointment to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

In this review we look at The Wusic Womb heartbeat baby monitor. It is a compact lightweight little device. It is a non-invasive way of listening to your unborn baby’s heartbeat and is safe to use.

It comes with two sets of earbuds so you can listen with your spouse or other family members. It has Ultra-Clear audio sounds and adjustable volume control.

It has 6 hours of battery life with an LED to indicate when it is on or off. It also offers a download of lullaby music. The Wusic baby heartbeat monitor also has a computer cable so you will be able to record the sounds you listen to.

Butlet’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of this heartbeat baby monitor so you can decide if this is the device for you.

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic - Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy's ears! The perfect pregnancy gift for a new mommy


  • It is compact and very easy to carry
  • It is non-invasive and safe to use
  • It includes two sets of ear buds
  • It allows you to listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat and movement
  • It comes with Ultra-Clear audio sound
  • It has a LED on/off indicator
  • It has adjustable volume control
  • It includes a download of lullaby music
  • It comes with a computer cable and allows you to record sounds to your computer
  • It has 6 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces (62.36 g)
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.8 x 2 inches (10.16 x 7.11 x5.08cm)


  • It makes a great gift for pregnant couples
  • It really puts you at ease to hear the heartbeat
  • It is great way for couples to connect and bond with their new baby by listening together
  • It is easy to tell the difference between your own heartbeat and the baby’s because the baby’s is much faster
  • The earbuds are comfortable
  • The instruction manual is clear and helpful
  • It is good value for money
  • It is very lightweight and compact
  • It has a customizable lullaby album that you can download


  • You should not use it for more than 10 minutes at a time
  • It does not have a display for the heartbeat and does not tell you the beats per minute
  • The gel you should use is not included
  • It is easy to pick up your own heartbeat but more difficult to pick up the heartbeat of your baby
  • It does not have speakers and only functions with earbuds or headphones
  • It can be difficult to hold in place on your own


This Wusic baby heartbeat monitor is a great way to keep the worries of first time parents away. It has quite a few positive aspects going for it. It will help put your mind at ease to listen to your baby’s heartbeat every week or so.

It is best to use this at around sixteen weeks into the pregnancy when the heartbeat is strong and you can pick it up most clearly, but it has a helpful instruction manual to help you position it correctly at each stage of your pregnancy. The downloadable lullaby album is a nice addition. You can even personalize it with your baby’s own name.

You can put your mind at ease, or give this as a present to a newly pregnant couple. You can also really bond with baby and your partner by listening to the heartbeat together with the comfortable earbuds.

Just keep in mind that it is not a medical device and if you don’t pick up a heartbeat it does not necessarily mean you should start to obsess about it.

On the negative side you should keep in mind that you should not use for more than 10 minutes at a time. It also does not have a display for the heartbeat and it doesn’t give you the beats per minute, so you will need to rely on your own counting skills to keep track of the heart rate.

It can be a little difficult to pick up the baby’s heartbeat clearly and not pick up only your own.  It does not have speakers so you will need to use the earbuds at all times.

Even though it is very lightweight, it can be a little difficult to hold, so you might need to ask someone to help you.  It is reasonably priced, but you will need to buy additional gel for it to work properly.

Our verdict

In this quick review we took a closer look at the Wusic baby heartbeat monitor. It is a great product for first time parents who want to have the added peace of mind to listen to their baby’s heartbeat.

It is compact and lightweight and reasonably priced for the benefits it will give you. It will make a great gift and will also be a way of including your partner in the experience because you can listen together.

Like we said earlier, just remember that this is not a replacement for a doctor’s visit, and if you don’t hear a heartbeat it could just be the monitor is not working well.

Always consult your physician first.  We can really recommend this product if you want to have a close connection to your little one from early on.

If you need peace of mind you will regret buying this little monitor and listen to your baby grow stronger each week.

Static on a baby Monitor: Why it happens and how to avoid it

Static on a baby Monitor: Why it happens and how to avoid it

When you use a baby monitor to be able keep track of your little one, you need it to be clear and working well. If there is static and other noise on your baby monitor you will not be able to clearly hear or see if your child is quietly asleep, happy, unhappy or up to no to good.

A noisy baby monitor that makes more noise than a crying baby is not the type of thing you want keeping you awake.

Static can be a frustrating thing, especially if you have spent hard earned money on a new baby monitor. Tired parents do not want to deal with a faulty baby monitor on top of all the responsibility of looking after a growing child.

So,  if you have asked: why does my baby monitor have static? We are here to clear up some frustration and hopefullythe static as well. We will focus on some of the main reasons you can have static on your babymonitor, and what you can do about it.

What causes static on a baby monitor?

Static is a type of interference with the signal between the transmitter in your baby’s room and the receiver on your end. This can happen with various types of monitors, you can get static on a cheapaudio only monitoror on ahigh end video monitor.

Some types of monitors may be more prone to static and noise and higher end models should be less likely to have it. But it can still happen.It can defeat the purpose of the monitor if you can’t sleep due to the noise, but you can’t leave it off and not know what is happening with your baby.

The signal from your cellphone can cause interference with the baby monitor. But your cellphone is not the only culprit.

Other electronic equipment can also cause interference. Any type of device in your home that works with signals, such as TV’s, radios and so on can cause interference.

Even when these devices are switched off, they may still be on standby and interfering with the signals.

Newer digital baby monitors don’t react as severely to interference as their older analog friends, but they can still get a little rattled by other electronic signals.

The problem can also lie with a wire, damaged antenna or with the sound system itself. A damaged amplifier can also cause static.

Take a look at the range of your baby monitor as well. When you start to exceed the range it was designed for, the receiver can have trouble picking up a clear signal.

Then you can also start to get intermittent noise. IF you have a big solid concrete wall, or a lot of steel between you and the transmission that can block a clear signal as well.

Check the power supply of the monitor, a faulty connection to the outlet or a bad battery can also drain the receiver or transmitters ability to do its job.

Solutions to static on a baby monitor

Ok great, now we know what might be causing the static. But how do you fix it? Well first you can do a basic check.

What do I have here?

Check how your baby monitor operates, does it use AM (Amplitude modulation) radio frequencies, FM (Frequency Modulation) or Wi-Fi? AM is very prone to static and noise, FM a little less and a Wi-Fi system should have very little. So when you choose to buy a new baby monitor choosing one that is known to have less static is a good start.

Power to the people

Now check that the batteries are charged and that the power supply is connected and working well. Use the correct batteries, and not cheap ones.

Fully charged batteries should make a real difference. If it does not, then you know your problem is not with the power.

Don’t run interference

If that is not the problem, check the range of the monitor, see what happens if you move it closer to the receiver. See what happens if you try a different room for example, there might be building materials that cause interference.

This can also be a range issue, so try to keep the receiver and transmitter comfortably close.

Make sure other devices are not causing your troubles, make sure your phone or TV for example are moved away from the monitor. There is only so much you can do, but it should at least reduce the static.

A way to test it is to turn everything off, completely off (not just standby) and then turn on the monitor. Then turn on the devices one by one until you find the culprit.

Channel it

Another option is to change the channel your monitor is transmitting on. This can help reduce interference with devices that are on the same channel or frequency. You can also change the Wi-Fi channel your monitor uses, because your neighbor’s Wi-Fi might be annoying yours.

This can be a process of trial and error, but if you work systematically it will go quickly.  Try to see if anything could be interfering with your Wi-Fi setup as well.

To conclude

So there you have it. In this piece we have tried to help you deal with your baby monitor when it has static. We have tried to give you the main reasons why you could have static on your baby monitor, which can be issues with other devices.

But there can also be problems due to distance, power or physical objects that get in the way. We also added some tips and tricks so you can try to get the static out of your life.

Hopefully one or more of these tips can help you sort out the problem and help you get things to quiet down. Then you can focus on the more important task of getting your little one to settle down for the night.

Wi-Fi for your baby monitors: Do you need it?

Wi-Fi for your baby monitors: Do you need it?

With the constant improvements in technology and the variety of different cameras and monitors available, a baby monitor has become a sophisticated little device. But with all the different options available and the impact it can have on your pocket, you need to know if you want all the different features.

Many baby monitors now have the option for Wi-Fi and you might have come to the point where you want to know if baby monitors actually do need Wi-Fi?

We are here to help. We will tell you if a baby monitor needs Wi-Fi and what the difference is between a baby monitor with Wi-Fi and a more traditional type. That way you will be able to make a more informed decision about what type of monitor you need to buy for peace of mind.

Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi: The difference between the two

Before you can decide if you need a baby monitor with Wi-Fi, you need to know the difference between those that do not have Wi-Fi and those that do. Usually baby monitors work offline with one or two cameras.

The first baby monitors, (and some basic models today) only had an audio function, but now there are audio, video and zoom monitors available. Audio baby monitors work with radio signal, like a walkie-talkie, you have a transmitter and a receiver.

Whether you use a top of the range monitor or a basic one, you place the transmitter in the baby’s room and you can keep the receiver with you. With the basic monitors you have a limited range.

You are also usually only have one receiver with a screen or speaker. They are designed to be used between a few rooms, but as our lives have become more complicated, we need more flexibility in how we can take care of the precious lives in our care.

Some baby monitors allow for two-way communication as well, so you can talk to your baby while in another room. But now with many homes that are connected, baby monitors can also connect to your home network via Wi-Fi.

The benefits of a Wi-Fi baby monitor

There are quite a few benefits when you have a wi-fi enabled baby monitor. Of course there are many opinions about Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors, but there really are a few good points in its favor.  The first real benefit is the reduced likelihood of static.

With analog and even some newer digital baby monitors, the signal still relies on basic AM or FM radio. This means that interference can be a real issue and with interference comes static.

So when you use a monitor over your Wi-Fi network, the chances of static are a lot less. You also have fewer problems with other electronic devices interfering with the signal, or with walls or other building materials creating problems.


You have the added benefit with a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor that you have much more flexibility. Older types of analog units often had cords, and even the wireless ones have a limited range.

If you want to check in when you are at the office or away on business while someone else takes care of your little one, you can easily access the camera via your smartphone. With two- way communication Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors you can even talk to your baby while you are a room or a city away.

So there is no need to worry too much when you aren’t close enough to pick up your child, you can at least see them until you are home again.


With the improvements in screen resolution and the video capabilities of digital baby monitors you get the added benefit of real crisp clear images. A Wi-fi enabled baby monitor works on the same principle as a web cam, and you can get a very good quality of image with the top of the range models.

Even some of the cheaper ones will give you really good image quality with the video function.

Multiple screens

Another benefit of having a baby monitor that is able to connect to your home network through Wi-Fi is that you can have multiple screens. That means you can view your camera from different devices.

That means you can use your smartphone, tablet or your laptop to view your baby’s room. You can even use different devices at the same time, so you can check up on your little one and another family member can do the same on their device.

Two-way communication and lullabies

As we mentioned before, with two way communication on a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor you can easily soothe your baby with your voice, even if you are quite far away. Some digital baby monitors come preprogrammed with lullabies that you can activate from your side if your little one is getting a little fussy and you can immediately comfort them.

They can listen to a programmed song, or you can load your own on some models of baby monitors. It all depends on the one you choose to buy of course.

To conclude

Hopefully this piece has cleared things about Wi-Fi and if you need to have a baby monitor that has Wi-Fi.There are quite a few added benefits when you have a digital baby monitor that has Wi-Fi. You have less static, you can connect to a variety of devices like your smartphone and you have a larger range.

Some offer added things like programmed lullabies, temperature monitors and viewing multiple screens or even having multiple cameras. Unfortunately these digital Wi-Fi monitors do tend to cost a lot more than their analog and more basic counterparts.

So for all their benefits, keep in mind that they will gnaw at our budget. And when you have a newborn you have a huge amount of additional expenses anyway, so you will need to carefully decide if a Wi-Fi baby monitor is something that you need.

Which Gadget is Better: Baby Monitors or Security Cameras?

Which Gadget is Better: Baby Monitors or Security Cameras?


Parents are always concerned about safety for their babies, which is why companies designed and created the baby monitor. Baby monitors through the years have been improved and this time, there is now a wider selection of video and digital monitors to choose from.

Parents can dutifully keep watch over their children even as they sleep. Because of newer models coming up, you might have wondered about the differences between a video baby monitor and security camera.

Many have argued about the advantages of the two but what is really the deal between the baby monitor vs. security camera debate?

Which one is better for your child’s safety? This article will further discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both electronic items.

The Video Baby Monitor

Video baby monitors are available in a wide selection of types. They come with audio and visual aspects so you can see and hear your child’s activities in the nursery.

The camera is positioned in the nursery and it does not need installation of any kind—it has to be situated on a shelf or a spot close to the crib so the infant is visible to the viewer. A video baby monitor is often handheld devices that have control functions and a screen.

Its volume and other settings can be adjusted depending on the features of the monitor. Some of the most common features that a video baby monitor comes with include LCD monitor, pan/tilt/zooming capabilities, night vision, talk back feature plus melodies and relaxing sounds.

This kind of surveillance equipment is designed for babies thus it may have a talk back and melody feature to help ease naptime and allow parents to converse with their infant. The night vision meanwhile allows for decent visualization of the child in the nursery at night.

The Wireless Security Camera

This kind of security camera can be used wirelessly with the help of the Internet. One popular kind is the IP camera. It includes software which requires setting up on a computer before it gets used and it operates with the device as well.

The IP camera comes with similar properties as video baby monitors however it lacks the custom attributes that make a baby monitor. Features that IP cameras offer include 2-way audio, night vision plus fixed pan/tilt/zoom abilities.

There are also models that allow talking back to the individual being watched. The IP camera can be connected to other suitable devices like smartphones by hooking to the Internet and acquiring the needed software.

Differences Between the Two

To further discuss the baby monitor vs. security camera conversation, we are now going to talk about the disparities between the two pieces of equipment. First and foremost, video baby monitors have more options compared to security cameras, like the sounds aspect for one.

Baby monitors also come with two units so a parent can have one as well. The security camera is only available as a singular unit since it can be connected to a suitable equipment for watching like a smartphone or a computer.

While both items are portable, video baby monitors do have range restrictions compared to IP cameras, which do not have limitations since they work by means of the Internet.

Security cameras can also be expanded, which means parents can further add several cameras to manage a diverse number of spots. The majority of video baby monitors can only be expanded for up to four cameras.

Some baby monitor models only provide the option of an extra parental component while security cameras can be watched on several devices all at the same time without additional costs.

One advantage of security cameras or IP cameras is that they can be economical since you do not need to buy several units for surveillance. However, this can be dodgy since IP cameras work by wireless means with the help of the Internet.

This means if the user does not take the necessary precautionary measures, safety may be compromised and lead to the line getting hacked.

Video baby monitors are easier to use compared to security cameras since they include all of the needed parts. Wireless security cameras have to be hooked to a suitable device by means of the accompanying software.

Thus the whole baby monitor vs. security camera argument can be solved by just settling your needs and preferences. Both items have their pros and cons thus whatever device you will opt for will depend on your requirements.

What You Need to Know About Baby Monitor Reach and Frequencies

What You Need to Know About Baby Monitor Reach and Frequencies

Baby monitor range might not really pose an issue in smaller homes. However, the range can be a cause for concern if the family lives in a bigger house.

Now to solve this, parents should go for a baby monitor that comes with a lengthier range so parents will be flexible enough to go from one area in the house to another without having problems with the range. How far do baby monitors reach though? This article will talk further about the matter.

There are two basic kinds of baby monitors and they are the audio and the audio-visual kind. There are analog models as well as more advanced digital ones.

Monitors often work within a chosen radio frequency band to transmit sounds from the nursery to the receiver in a separate room. Every monitor is composed of a transmitter, which is set up in the nursery close to the child, plus a single receiver or more.

Prices can range from as low as $25 to more than $100 for audio models depending on the features it comes with. Prices for the audio-visual or audio and video monitors can range from $80 to more than $300.

The purpose of the monitor is to convey familiar sounds or a combination of sounds and images. Quality monitors operate with the smallest amount of interference which can come in the form of buzzing, crackling or any annoying sound.

This interference happens whenever electronic devices close by make use of similar frequency bands as the baby monitor uses. If you have an audio-video monitor, interference can bring about a grainy or out of focus reception or at worst, images from a neighbor’s home.

When it comes to baby monitors, interference has got to be its most common drawback along with short reception range, short battery life and low amount of visibility.

There are lots of wireless devices in your house that can pave the way for interference. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee that the device conveys images and sounds in a clear manner.

If you notice that your baby monitor’s frequency is close to that of a cordless phone, chances are you will come across static, irritating noises and even cross-talking.

Manufacturers have dealt with this issue though and they have suggested making use of the 1.9GHz frequency band. This frequency is usually saved solely for voice-only procedures by the FDCC or Federal Communications Commission. The frequency is referred to as DECT or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology.

It is also advised that you make use of a baby monitor that utilizes another frequency band, a band that other electronic devices in your home do not employ. Interference can also differ based on your location, the devices that you have on hand and the devices that your neighbor possesses.

For instance, if you are using a 2.4GHz wireless equipment inside the house, select a baby monitor that does not work on the same frequency. Devices that often make use of the 2.4GHz band are Bluetooth devices, netbooks, laptops, analog wireless phones, game consoles and even microwave ovens.

Hence if you use those devices at home, it is best that you look for a baby monitor that utilizes DECT technology.

Keep in mind that digital baby monitors are more private compared to analog ones. The transmission that happens with digital models is encoded so information cannot be interrupted.

Models that make use of wireless analog transmission though, do not offer privacy, hence anybody who has a similar device might be able to eavesdrop.

How far do baby monitors reach? Each and every baby monitor has a specific range limit. Prior to a baby monitor purchase, it is ideal that you consider the size of your home as mentioned earlier.

You will need a receiver and monitor that sustains contact with the communicating device in any point in your home. Look for models with an out of range indicator. This indicator will allow you to know that you have gotten to the range limit of the monitor.

In case you are using a baby monitor with this feature, the indication might come in the form of static noise to notify users that they are out of range. The range of the baby monitor will also differ based on the size of the house, the materials it was constructed with and other aspects. Look for a model with a wider range so you can take your receiver outside the house.

Ways to Prevent Interference on Baby Monitors

Ways to Prevent Interference on Baby Monitors

The most popular baby monitors today are wireless. Because they are a wireless device, they may fall prone to interference from other kinds of electronic devices. Interference can be brought about whenever you are employing your smartphone or hooking a wireless internet connection at home.

Interference can be problematic for parents and caregivers. There are ways though on how to stop interference with baby monitors, and this article will discuss them further.

There are baby monitors which are not susceptible to interference and usually they are the digital types. However, certain electrical devices like smartphones and wireless broadband routers can lead to interference.

Digital baby monitors make use of a 2.4GHz frequency band and when it surfaces against another device in the same area employing the same frequency channel and band that the latter makes use of, it brings about interference.

Interference is also caused by radio frequencies. Gadgets like smartphones, Wi-Fi routers and speakers used in stereos are often contributors to interference since the 2.4GHz band is a very broad range.

Save for the idea that you know what devices at home that bring about interference, you might wonder that maybe you have a malfunctioning baby monitor. There are indications though that interference on a baby monitor is happening.

You will most likely perceive static sounds, clocks or buzzing sounds, together with the standard audio signal sound. If you own a digital baby monitor, the image on the screen will also be affected by the interference. The image might look grainy, out of focus or even blurred.

There are steps through which parents can use to stop interference on a baby monitor. While this will not entirely get rid of interference it will give you better chances of diminishing those annoying static sounds and buzzing noises which can affect your baby monitor.

Check your Wi-Fi phone

Look for a baby monitor that operates on a separate frequency band out of your home wireless units. These days lots of cordless phones operate on the 2.4GHz band hence if you make use of the same channel on the monitor, chances are you will regularly deal with problems with the signal.

Modify the channel

Most advanced Wi-Fi devices allow channel adjustments so users can manage problems with interference. This can be as straightforward as pressing a button.

However, if you make use of a Wi-Fi router, you may have to utilize your laptop as a means to solve this particular annoyance. Remember to steer clear of the highest and lowest frequency bands on the router if you are making use of an analog phone that makes use of 2.4GHz by default.

Turn on the baby monitor first

To acquire excellent reception and transmission of baby monitors, it is advised that you switch off all of the devices that make use of the 2.4GHz band in the house. Following this, you can now turn the baby monitor on first then the wireless router in case you have one.

It is also possible that you will be changing the base unit of the wireless phone. Because of this, the monitor will be able to capture the first available indication that can provide the most excellent reception and not have an effect on your collective wireless devices.

Opt for a digital baby monitor model

If you want to be sure that your neighbor’s devices nearby will not cause interference with your baby monitor, you should buy a digital model instead of an analog one. Because of this, you will be confident that the sounds you perceive will be sounds coming from your baby’s nursery.

Maintain a safe and secure distance

If the adjustments for the frequency band do not work out and you do not want to replace your baby monitor or any other device, you can try positioning those devices further away from each other.

Baby monitors and wireless devices can bring about interference and this can hamper their operations.

Now that you have learned easy, practical steps on how to stop interference on baby monitors, rest assured you will hear nothing but the sounds you want to hear in your baby’s room. Keeping watch over your child should not be difficult or complex; make sure to spend your money on a quality, user-friendly baby monitor that you can afford.

VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review

VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review

Parents are always concerned about their babies and they want to make sure they are safe and comfortable at all times. There are now devices which will guarantee your baby’s safety and one of them is the baby monitor. The baby monitor guarantees peace of mind to worried parents and is also an efficient and convenient device to have around since it encourages parents to act fast during an emergency.

Looking for a good audio baby monitor? You may want to check the VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor.

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Sound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom & Night Light Loop


  • Comes with DECT 6.0 to present audible transmission and gets rid of unwanted white noise
  • Includes 5-level sound indicator so parents can visually keep track of the noise level
  • Has 2-way talk back intercom
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries which operate up to 18 hours on a single charge
  • Includes belt clip on parental unit
  • Parental unit has an operating range of up to 1000 ft. out of doors and 150 ft. indoors
  • Has preset English language but can be adjusted to Spanish or French
  • Baby unit has loop which serves as night light
  • Parental unit comes with vibrating sound alert


The VTech Safe and Sound audio baby monitor makes use of DECT 6.0 advancement for a significantly audible signal that gets rid of interference and unwanted background noise from other kinds of electronic devices.

This particular DECT technology functions to remove parents’ worries by providing the baby with the safety and security he needs.

The device has a range of 1000 feet out of doors and 150 feet indoors. Using it outside, the unit will not shake off signals until it’s at 1300 feet and will not provide any signal that is out of range until it is at 1400 feet.

However, with indoor usage, it decreases to 150 feet which is a decent range for a baby monitor.

You have invested in a baby monitor because you cannot be with your baby round the clock. This model has two-way communication features which means it allows parents to talk with their baby from any point inside the house or outdoors.

The parental unit comes with LED lights which signify the amount of noise in the nursery or baby’s room. The considerable presence of LEDs means the room has lots of noise so you can visually keep track of the noise level in the nursery while the parental unit is adjusted to mute.

The parental unit in vibration mode notifies users with moderate vibrations whenever the baby makes sounds. This mode is certainly beneficial whenever the parent is asleep.

Parents can put the unit under their pillow and attend to the baby quickly whenever they cry or make sounds. The Safe and Sound model also comes with a microphone sensitivity adjustment feature which lets users modify it to alert them whenever a particular amount of noise is happening inside the nursery.

The voice activation feature that the model comes with maintains the parental unit in silent mode unless the baby makes a commotion. There will be a lack of white noise being sent to the parent while they are fast asleep.

The device has two units included which are the receiver, which serves as the parental unit, and the transmitter, which functions as the baby unit. The baby unit has to be hooked the whole time in order to get signals.

The parental unit has rechargeable batteries included and these items can operate up to 18 hours on a single charge. The unit also notifies users if the battery level is low so parents can charge the batteries when needed.

The DM221 Safe and Sound is easy to assemble and use plus it makes use of DECT 6.0 digital signals which makes it secure and private. It does not present any white noise and it has great sound quality.

It comes with rechargeable batteries which can work for an extended amount of time on a single charge and its voice activation feature aids parents in saving valuable battery life. For its price, this is one of the better audio baby monitors being sold today.


The model is strictly an audio monitor so it does not include video. After using and testing the device a number of times, the unit was found to mislay connections for no reason at all, which can be a bother.


If you are in need of an affordable audio baby monitor, you can check out the VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor. It offers excellent range and comes with a nice set of features.

It is actually one of the bestselling audio baby monitors out there, which speaks volumes to its quality and performance. This is a good entry-level audio baby monitor for you to try out.