Helpful Tips on Preventing Hacking Incidents from Happening to Your Baby Monitor

Helpful Tips on Preventing Hacking Incidents from Happening to Your Baby Monitor

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As a parent, you may have faced the dilemma of leaving your baby all by himself in the nursery just so you can accomplish your tasks around the house. It is always the instinct of a parent to keep their baby safeguarded from incidents that could inflict harm on their child.

Thankfully we now have devices like the baby monitor which makes keeping watch over our babies easier. However they are not perfect devices, and like any electronic, wireless device, users have to guarantee that setting up the item and usage will be safe at all times.

Can baby monitors be hacked? Yes, they can get easily compromised when parents and caregivers do not practice caution.

More and more parents are now investing on audio-visual baby monitors so they can have more peace of mind. While audio baby monitors are helpful, you will be more put at ease if you can actually see your baby’s activities by means of a visual baby monitor.

The wireless ones which work by means of the Internet are fast selling like hotcakes but keep in mind that these devices require care and utmost maintenance if you do not want your family’s privacy to be compromised. Can baby monitors get hacked all the time? Yes they can.

However in order to use them properly and safely, you have to know the exact steps to do to maintain it. Here are crucial tips on how to keep hackers away from your baby monitor.

Make sure to register the product you have purchased

By registering the device, it means you will be provided with software updates that will solve vulnerabilities that can compromise your monitor and allow hackers to use it or operate using your internal network.

Be certain that the firewall option is turned on

Can baby monitors be hacked even if you have registered the product? Yes it is still vulnerable from malicious attacks. Registering the unit will only safeguard it from issues that its manufacturer is familiar with and knows how to fix said problems.

A quality firewall that can protect your home network will present a standard defense line from hackers. If you are planning on exposing the monitor online so that you can keep watch on it at a longer distance, you can restrict the remote IP addresses that can hook up to the router.

You should also regulate the connection level to further safeguard the monitor from bigger hacker threats.

Better replace your defaults

Changing your default admin logins on your router is a good idea and along with this, replacing your default settings on the software tools of the monitor will also prove to be a good line of defense.

Based on the setup that you have, you might want to replace the port that the monitor makes use of too.

Guarantee that the Wi-Fi network is locked down correctly with WPA2+ and SSID

It is advised that you check if the Wi-Fi network has been secured correctly with SSID masking and WPA2+ encryption so it will not get hacked.

Switch off devices

In case you are not using the monitor, you should switch it off. Do this each time you do not need to make use of the device. Hackers can easily make attacks on devices that are open all the time.

Disable important settings

If the monitor features DDNS, you should disable this option. Make sure to disable UPnP or port forwarding on the monitor as well if it includes those features.

Furthermore, disable remote access on the monitor too. However if you plan on using remote access on your monitor, make sure to change the port that is employed to access the monitor.

The default port is 80 and this is the first thing that hackers often check. Change the setting to more than 8100 if you are inclined to do.

Check the logs every so often for unsanctioned access

You have to go over the logs every once in a while to see if it contains unauthorized access. When checking the log, inspect them for items like IP addresses that you are not familiar with or odd accessing times.

For example, if you see access times at hours that you are not even home yet, this is something that you have to take care of ASAP.

Taking precautionary measure is always important especially if it involves the Internet. If you are adamant about your email passwords and privacy settings, then you have to put the same approach on your wireless baby monitors.

Can baby monitors be hacked any time? Sure they can get compromised at any rate so it’s better that you practice security measures when you have to deal with wireless baby monitors.

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