How do Baby Monitors Work

How do Baby Monitors Work

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Probably one of the most magical moments in the family is when you have a newborn. Sure, there’s a lot of work that goes with taking care of an infant but as soon as they flash that adorable smile they immediately light up your world.

Babies are so precious and delicate that you have to be extra careful around them and make sure that you provide a safe environment for them. Baby-proofing the house is on top of the list of things you need to do.

The next one would be to get a baby monitor. Baby monitors are essential in keeping your baby safe and secure while you go about your daily chores at home. Taking care of your baby is very important, but of course it’s not the only thing that needs to be done the whole day.

A baby monitor will allow you to move around the house and finish your other chores without having to worry about leaving your little one alone for short periods of time.

Types of Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors come in different shapes and sizes. There are a lot of makes and models to choose from that are available in the market. Generally, they are categorized into two groups: one-way and two-way baby monitors.

One-way baby monitors

One-way units are more traditional and are designed to only transmit sound. They require a transmitter and a receiver. Later models of this type of baby monitors are equipped with a wireless receiver, allowing more portability.

Two-way baby monitors

These baby monitors are generally more advanced when it comes to design. Aside from transmitting sound, it also allows you to talk to your baby or play music when you’re trying to get them to sleep.

This category also includes video baby monitors which also allow you to see what your baby is doing.

How does a Baby Monitor Work?

The mechanism of baby monitors follows that of a radio system with principles similar to a walkie-talkie. The transmitter is placed in your baby‘s room.

It has a microphone which receives the sounds that the baby makes and sends them to the receiver unit, which is the one that you carry around. This allows you to monitor what’s going on in your baby’s room while you go about completing your other chores around the house.

Baby monitors with more advanced features allow video transmission. They include a camera which sends video images of your baby’s room.

Some units design the receiver to show a video feed. Other units make use of smartphones by installing a corresponding application that you can use to see a video feed.

How to properly set up your baby monitor

After choosing your ideal baby monitor unit, the next thing that needs to be done is to install it in your baby’s room.

  1. If it’s a traditional one-way unit, setting it up will be as easy as plugging the transmitter into the wall or a more preferred area in the room. You have to consider the distance of the transmitter to the charging station so you won’ have to remove it whenever you need to charge.
  2. Also, consider the number of receivers you will be using. This should be part of your decision-making about which baby monitor to buy. Having multiple receivers is more ideal. You can have one installed in the main living space and also have one to carry around the house.

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Monitor

  • Choose a baby monitor set that includes more than one receiver.
  • Consider using a baby monitor with a wireless transmitter.
  • Receivers that vibrate can be quite handy when you have toddlers who make noise.
  • Check the reviews on the product, especially on the video monitors. Make sure that they transmit clear videos.
  • On top of being able to send a video feed, baby monitors that have night vision features are handier as they allow you to monitor your baby even at night.
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom features for video monitors allow you to maximize the area that the camera covers

One important thing that you should realize is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find the best baby monitor. There are products that you can get for a reasonable price that can offer you all these amazing features.

Check out this list of bestsellers to help you find affordable and high-quality baby monitor models.

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