Do you feel like sounds are not enough to keep you at ease when it comes to leaving your baby alone in his nursery? Do you want something much more than an audio baby monitor?

Then it’s high time to check out video baby monitors. This review will focus on the workings of the Summer Infant PANORAMA Digital Color Video Baby Monitor.


  • Works with 100% digital technology for safety, privacy and security
  • Comes with 8.89 cm high-res color LCD video display
  • Comes with automatic night vision
  • Includes muted glow night lights
  • Has remote control tilt, pan and zoom camera
  • Has talk back feature
  • Shows temperature display on the screen
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and integrated kick-stand
  • Has adjustable volume, video brightness controls and sound-activated LED lighting
  • Has power-save model with 1-touch video On and Off
  • Comes with low-battery and out-of-range indicators
  • Includes wall-mounting hardware and cord clips
  • Includes expandable setup so users can add cameras to keep track of several children or areas at once
  • Presents 800 ft. range
  • Comes with 1-year warranty



The Summer Infant Panorama is a breeze to set up and use. It comes with a user guide that has all the details you need in order to familiarize yourself with the workings of the device.

Setting up might take a bit of your time and steering your way on its monitor may take some getting used to but all that tinkering and practice are worth it. The user guide is there to explain all of the features and the steps on how to manage them.

The unit also comes with a belt clip so you can carry it with you anywhere plus it includes a kick-stand to make viewing the device easier for parents. The presence of lights on the device—from the out of range lights, LED noise alerts down to the night lights, mean parents can easily pass through darkened rooms without switching on bright lights and disturbing the baby.

There are lots of excellent audio and visual features on this model. The device is capable of standard camera features like panning, tilting and zooming plus it also offers 180-degree coverage of the baby’s nursery.

The camera that remains in the nursery comes with automatic black and white night vision features and this lets parents view their baby in rooms with low lighting. The night light options come in two—the red and blue which can be controlled through the receiver and beneficial for entering the nursery in the evenings.

The screen of the device is sufficiently big so parents can easily see their infant without straining their eyes.

The Panorama also comes with a talk back feature which means parents get to hear and talk to their child with just one touch of a button. The device comes with a volume control so parents can manage the volume of the receiver.

As for range, the device has a great 800 foot range. One of the best things about the model is its inclusion of an out-of-range indicator.

This feature lights up whenever the parent is coming closer or is getting out of range from the camera in the nursery.

The device makes use of 100% digital technology so it allows for a safe, secure and private connection. Parents do not have to worry about presenting delicate information.

Using this particular advancement is also a plus since parents won’t have to depend on internet connections to make the device operate as planned.

The battery life has a working span of six to eight hours and is rechargeable. It comes with a low battery indicator too. The device has a power-Save mode that can be switched on or off by way of a button.

Other than that, the model conforms to the standards set by the FCC so this means this device has passed safety standards for digital units.

Due to the good range of features, this model should be included in your video baby monitor options. It has a sufficiently large screen size, can pan, tilt and zoom, comes with rechargeable batteries, and it works by means of 100% digital technology for safer and more private usage.


The Summer Infant Panorama is more expensive compared to other similar models. The touch-button feature of the Power-Mode Save can be a bummer to use at night and while it’s easy to assemble, it will take some time due to its number of steps.


The Summer Infant PANORAMA Digital Color Video Baby Monitor, even though it’s more expensive than regular video baby monitors, is what we consider a great investment. It has an excellent range of features plus it offers a safer and more private use.


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