The most popular baby monitors today are wireless. Because they are a wireless device, they may fall prone to interference from other kinds of electronic devices. Interference can be brought about whenever you are employing your smartphone or hooking a wireless internet connection at home.

Interference can be problematic for parents and caregivers. There are ways though on how to stop interference with baby monitors, and this article will discuss them further.

There are baby monitors which are not susceptible to interference and usually they are the digital types. However, certain electrical devices like smartphones and wireless broadband routers can lead to interference.

Digital baby monitors make use of a 2.4GHz frequency band and when it surfaces against another device in the same area employing the same frequency channel and band that the latter makes use of, it brings about interference.

Interference is also caused by radio frequencies. Gadgets like smartphones, Wi-Fi routers and speakers used in stereos are often contributors to interference since the 2.4GHz band is a very broad range.

Save for the idea that you know what devices at home that bring about interference, you might wonder that maybe you have a malfunctioning baby monitor. There are indications though that interference on a baby monitor is happening.

You will most likely perceive static sounds, clocks or buzzing sounds, together with the standard audio signal sound. If you own a digital baby monitor, the image on the screen will also be affected by the interference. The image might look grainy, out of focus or even blurred.

There are steps through which parents can use to stop interference on a baby monitor. While this will not entirely get rid of interference it will give you better chances of diminishing those annoying static sounds and buzzing noises which can affect your baby monitor.

Check your Wi-Fi phone

Look for a baby monitor that operates on a separate frequency band out of your home wireless units. These days lots of cordless phones operate on the 2.4GHz band hence if you make use of the same channel on the monitor, chances are you will regularly deal with problems with the signal.

Modify the channel

Most advanced Wi-Fi devices allow channel adjustments so users can manage problems with interference. This can be as straightforward as pressing a button.

However, if you make use of a Wi-Fi router, you may have to utilize your laptop as a means to solve this particular annoyance. Remember to steer clear of the highest and lowest frequency bands on the router if you are making use of an analog phone that makes use of 2.4GHz by default.

Turn on the baby monitor first

To acquire excellent reception and transmission of baby monitors, it is advised that you switch off all of the devices that make use of the 2.4GHz band in the house. Following this, you can now turn the baby monitor on first then the wireless router in case you have one.

It is also possible that you will be changing the base unit of the wireless phone. Because of this, the monitor will be able to capture the first available indication that can provide the most excellent reception and not have an effect on your collective wireless devices.

Opt for a digital baby monitor model

If you want to be sure that your neighbor’s devices nearby will not cause interference with your baby monitor, you should buy a digital model instead of an analog one. Because of this, you will be confident that the sounds you perceive will be sounds coming from your baby’s nursery.

Maintain a safe and secure distance

If the adjustments for the frequency band do not work out and you do not want to replace your baby monitor or any other device, you can try positioning those devices further away from each other.

Baby monitors and wireless devices can bring about interference and this can hamper their operations.

Now that you have learned easy, practical steps on how to stop interference on baby monitors, rest assured you will hear nothing but the sounds you want to hear in your baby’s room. Keeping watch over your child should not be difficult or complex; make sure to spend your money on a quality, user-friendly baby monitor that you can afford.

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