Parents are always concerned about safety for their babies, which is why companies designed and created the baby monitor. Baby monitors through the years have been improved and this time, there is now a wider selection of video and digital monitors to choose from.

Parents can dutifully keep watch over their children even as they sleep. Because of newer models coming up, you might have wondered about the differences between a video baby monitor and security camera.

Many have argued about the advantages of the two but what is really the deal between the baby monitor vs. security camera debate?

Which one is better for your child’s safety? This article will further discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both electronic items.

The Video Baby Monitor

Video baby monitors are available in a wide selection of types. They come with audio and visual aspects so you can see and hear your child’s activities in the nursery.

The camera is positioned in the nursery and it does not need installation of any kind—it has to be situated on a shelf or a spot close to the crib so the infant is visible to the viewer. A video baby monitor is often handheld devices that have control functions and a screen.

Its volume and other settings can be adjusted depending on the features of the monitor. Some of the most common features that a video baby monitor comes with include LCD monitor, pan/tilt/zooming capabilities, night vision, talk back feature plus melodies and relaxing sounds.

This kind of surveillance equipment is designed for babies thus it may have a talk back and melody feature to help ease naptime and allow parents to converse with their infant. The night vision meanwhile allows for decent visualization of the child in the nursery at night.

The Wireless Security Camera

This kind of security camera can be used wirelessly with the help of the Internet. One popular kind is the IP camera. It includes software which requires setting up on a computer before it gets used and it operates with the device as well.

The IP camera comes with similar properties as video baby monitors however it lacks the custom attributes that make a baby monitor. Features that IP cameras offer include 2-way audio, night vision plus fixed pan/tilt/zoom abilities.

There are also models that allow talking back to the individual being watched. The IP camera can be connected to other suitable devices like smartphones by hooking to the Internet and acquiring the needed software.

Differences Between the Two

To further discuss the baby monitor vs. security camera conversation, we are now going to talk about the disparities between the two pieces of equipment. First and foremost, video baby monitors have more options compared to security cameras, like the sounds aspect for one.

Baby monitors also come with two units so a parent can have one as well. The security camera is only available as a singular unit since it can be connected to a suitable equipment for watching like a smartphone or a computer.

While both items are portable, video baby monitors do have range restrictions compared to IP cameras, which do not have limitations since they work by means of the Internet.

Security cameras can also be expanded, which means parents can further add several cameras to manage a diverse number of spots. The majority of video baby monitors can only be expanded for up to four cameras.

Some baby monitor models only provide the option of an extra parental component while security cameras can be watched on several devices all at the same time without additional costs.

One advantage of security cameras or IP cameras is that they can be economical since you do not need to buy several units for surveillance. However, this can be dodgy since IP cameras work by wireless means with the help of the Internet.

This means if the user does not take the necessary precautionary measures, safety may be compromised and lead to the line getting hacked.

Video baby monitors are easier to use compared to security cameras since they include all of the needed parts. Wireless security cameras have to be hooked to a suitable device by means of the accompanying software.

Thus the whole baby monitor vs. security camera argument can be solved by just settling your needs and preferences. Both items have their pros and cons thus whatever device you will opt for will depend on your requirements.

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