With the constant improvements in technology and the variety of different cameras and monitors available, a baby monitor has become a sophisticated little device. But with all the different options available and the impact it can have on your pocket, you need to know if you want all the different features.

Many baby monitors now have the option for Wi-Fi and you might have come to the point where you want to know if baby monitors actually do need Wi-Fi?

We are here to help. We will tell you if a baby monitor needs Wi-Fi and what the difference is between a baby monitor with Wi-Fi and a more traditional type. That way you will be able to make a more informed decision about what type of monitor you need to buy for peace of mind.

Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi: The difference between the two

Before you can decide if you need a baby monitor with Wi-Fi, you need to know the difference between those that do not have Wi-Fi and those that do. Usually baby monitors work offline with one or two cameras.

The first baby monitors, (and some basic models today) only had an audio function, but now there are audio, video and zoom monitors available. Audio baby monitors work with radio signal, like a walkie-talkie, you have a transmitter and a receiver.

Whether you use a top of the range monitor or a basic one, you place the transmitter in the baby’s room and you can keep the receiver with you. With the basic monitors you have a limited range.

You are also usually only have one receiver with a screen or speaker. They are designed to be used between a few rooms, but as our lives have become more complicated, we need more flexibility in how we can take care of the precious lives in our care.

Some baby monitors allow for two-way communication as well, so you can talk to your baby while in another room. But now with many homes that are connected, baby monitors can also connect to your home network via Wi-Fi.

The benefits of a Wi-Fi baby monitor

There are quite a few benefits when you have a wi-fi enabled baby monitor. Of course there are many opinions about Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors, but there really are a few good points in its favor.  The first real benefit is the reduced likelihood of static.

With analog and even some newer digital baby monitors, the signal still relies on basic AM or FM radio. This means that interference can be a real issue and with interference comes static.

So when you use a monitor over your Wi-Fi network, the chances of static are a lot less. You also have fewer problems with other electronic devices interfering with the signal, or with walls or other building materials creating problems.


You have the added benefit with a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor that you have much more flexibility. Older types of analog units often had cords, and even the wireless ones have a limited range.

If you want to check in when you are at the office or away on business while someone else takes care of your little one, you can easily access the camera via your smartphone. With two- way communication Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors you can even talk to your baby while you are a room or a city away.

So there is no need to worry too much when you aren’t close enough to pick up your child, you can at least see them until you are home again.


With the improvements in screen resolution and the video capabilities of digital baby monitors you get the added benefit of real crisp clear images. A Wi-fi enabled baby monitor works on the same principle as a web cam, and you can get a very good quality of image with the top of the range models.

Even some of the cheaper ones will give you really good image quality with the video function.

Multiple screens

Another benefit of having a baby monitor that is able to connect to your home network through Wi-Fi is that you can have multiple screens. That means you can view your camera from different devices.

That means you can use your smartphone, tablet or your laptop to view your baby’s room. You can even use different devices at the same time, so you can check up on your little one and another family member can do the same on their device.

Two-way communication and lullabies

As we mentioned before, with two way communication on a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor you can easily soothe your baby with your voice, even if you are quite far away. Some digital baby monitors come preprogrammed with lullabies that you can activate from your side if your little one is getting a little fussy and you can immediately comfort them.

They can listen to a programmed song, or you can load your own on some models of baby monitors. It all depends on the one you choose to buy of course.

To conclude

Hopefully this piece has cleared things about Wi-Fi and if you need to have a baby monitor that has Wi-Fi.There are quite a few added benefits when you have a digital baby monitor that has Wi-Fi. You have less static, you can connect to a variety of devices like your smartphone and you have a larger range.

Some offer added things like programmed lullabies, temperature monitors and viewing multiple screens or even having multiple cameras. Unfortunately these digital Wi-Fi monitors do tend to cost a lot more than their analog and more basic counterparts.

So for all their benefits, keep in mind that they will gnaw at our budget. And when you have a newborn you have a huge amount of additional expenses anyway, so you will need to carefully decide if a Wi-Fi baby monitor is something that you need.

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