If you have are expecting your baby within a few months, you may be asking yourself if you need to have a baby monitor. For parents who are having their first child, it can be confusing to identify which baby items should you really purchase as essentials and which are just accessories that you don’t really need.

One of the most common queries among parents when it comes to buying tools for their babies is whether they should buy a baby monitor and if it would really help them keep tabs on their babies.

In this article, we will discuss the things that you should consider before buying a baby monitor and what are the advantages of having one for your baby.

What are Baby Monitors?

Different types and models of baby monitors basically work in the same way. There is a stationary unit that is placed in your child’s room and a “parent unit” that you can place in your room or carry along with you around the house.

Most of the stationary baby units are plugged into an electrical outlet while the parent monitors are either plugged in or rechargeable for portability. There are newer baby monitor models which can even let you have a live stream of your baby through your phone as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Still, a baby monitor should be able to accomplish the basic task of letting you monitor your baby effectively.

What are the Things to Consider before Buying a Baby Monitor?

Getting everything you want for your baby is not a problem, but shopping for items that will be of no use to you and your baby is a simple waste of money.

You should carefully gauge various factors on whether a baby monitor is needed for your household or not to prevent wasting your money on something you might not actually use.  Before buying a baby monitor, consider the following factors first:

Are your rooms far apart?

If your room and your baby’s room are far apart or there is a considerably thick wall in between your walls, you will surely need a baby monitor. This can ensure that you can hear your baby anytime even if your rooms are not close to each other.

One thing to make sure with having a thick-walled house is that you should have a baby monitor that can actually send signals despite the thick barrier. Purchasing a baby monitor that won’t send clear signals through thick walls or after a certain distance will only create noise and static, making it an annoying tool instead of actually monitoring your baby.

Are you a heavy sleeper?

If you are a heavy sleeper, you will definitely need a baby monitor that has a maximum volume which can wake you up. Even if your rooms are close to each other, your baby’s cries might not wake you up easily when you are fast asleep.

Having a baby monitor near your bed can guarantee that you will wake up easier whenever your baby needs you. Knowing that you will be able to wake up will give you the assurance that your baby will be kept safe and closely monitored despite sleeping heavily.

What are the Advantages of Having a Baby Monitor?

If you think you need a baby monitor, these are the following advantages it can give you and your baby:


For parents who would like to always check on how their baby is doing, having a baby monitor near you will give you the reassurance that you need. Baby monitors that have video features will let you see how your baby is doing since you can easily view them whenever they are left in a room on their own.

Baby monitors that have a video feature are especially helpful for first-time parents who get easily jumpy with every sound their baby makes. Having this will let you have the reassurance that your baby is safe even if he is making noise.

Your Baby Can Sleep Undisturbed

While there is a common notion that babies sleep peacefully, there are quite a number of babies who wake up easily even with the slightest sound they hear. With a baby monitor, you can check on your baby without having to enter the nursery. This can let him sleep longer and better.

Furthermore, there are video baby monitors that can let you view your baby so you can see whether your baby is sleeping or playing. Having this type of monitor will let you leave your baby alone until he needs you.

You can Use it For Your Older Kids

Even though they are called ‘baby monitors’ you can use them when you are teaching your kid to sleep on his own “big kid bed” alone. You can give your child the assurance that you are watching over him so there is no reason to be afraid of the dark.

Also, you can use your baby monitor to make sure that your child is actually sleeping and not sneaking out to play.

You Can Use it During Playtime

When your baby gets old enough to play by himself, you can still use your baby monitor to let him have his independent playtime. You can constantly check on him while you are doing your chores in other rooms of your house, without worrying that something might happen to him while playing.

Baby monitors are an essential tool for some families but for some, it is not. This is why you should carefully consider whether you need a baby monitor or not to prevent buying something that you won’t really use.

Some parents find that the advantages that a baby monitor can give them are truly positive while there are those who believe that they can keep watch of their babies even without one. Knowing whether you need a baby monitor wholly depends on your family’s need.

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