Expecting a baby on the way can be a very thrilling event since you are waiting for your little bundle of joy every single day. You cannot wait for the day when you can finally hold your baby in your arms.

While waiting for this day to come, excited parents spend their days preparing for their baby’s arrival by purchasing all the needed essentials and baby needs. This is to ensure that when their baby comes, everything that a baby might need is already prepared for and ready.

One device that parents are having a hard time figuring out which one to purchase is a baby monitor. With all the size, shapes, features, and brands available in the market nowadays, it can be quite confusing to identify which is the right one.

While you want to give your baby everything to make him safe and secure, it is unnecessary to spend too much on a single product. In this article, we will help you compare the different types of baby monitors to help you choose and identify which one is right for your home.

What are the Different Types of Baby Monitors?

There are three types of baby monitors in the market nowadays: audio baby monitors, video monitors, and Wi-Fi video monitors. The first step is to identify whether you want a baby monitor that uses only an audio feature that lets you hear your baby or one which can let you view how he is doing as well.

If you want a baby monitor that lets you view your baby, you should ask yourself if you want one that sends live videos over the internet to your smartphone and other devices. This feature even lets you send a video feed and alert on your phone even if you are outside the house, as long as you have an internet connection.

Based on these types of baby monitors, it is common that audio-only baby monitors are the cheapest. Typically, this type of baby monitor can range from $25 to $150.

However, video and Wi-Fi baby monitors have a higher price range that can reach up to $300.

When choosing the type of baby monitor for your home, you should carefully consider your preference and your budget. The right type and model which can provide you the best assistance in monitoring your baby are not necessarily the costliest one.

Know the Audio Quality

As we have stated earlier, the most expensive baby monitor is not necessarily the best model there is. When checking for baby monitors, it is important to check all the features and the reviews of what other parents have to say about a specific brand and model.

This can guarantee that you are picking and choosing the right one, without spending way too much.

First of all, the audio quality of a baby monitor is what you should be looking for as your priority. Even if you want to purchase a baby video monitor, you should have one that has a clear audio so you can hear your baby even if you are doing something else and unable to keep watch over your baby through the parent unit’s monitor screen.

It would also be better to look for a baby monitor that has a sound activation feature so you won’t have to listen to static or white noise when your baby is sleeping. The sound activation feature of a baby monitor while let you hear only your baby’s sounds and if there are other important things that you should hear.

There are baby monitors that include LED lights to indicate the level of sound in your baby’s room. This is also a great feature for parents who need to mute the parent unit or is currently in a noisy room and would have a harder time listening to the monitor.

Know the Video Quality

A second factor to consider is the video resolution. If you are looking for a baby monitor that comes with a video feature, choose one which has a clear video resolution and night vision.

A baby video monitor that has 720p HD resolution can provide a decent image so opt for this lens resolution or higher. There are baby monitors that have 1080p video resolution but they are more costly than baby monitor models which have lower video quality.

Most 1080p video monitors can be found on Wi-Fi enable baby video monitors that let you stream videos of your baby to your smartphone. This is another feature that is great for parents who need to go to work or leave their baby in the care of relatives or a babysitter.

They can receive a live video update of their baby in their smartphones by downloading a specific app. As long as there is a stable internet connection, this type of video monitor will send videos wherever you are, giving you the chance to closely monitor your baby while you are away.

There are also video baby monitors that have zoom, pan, and tilt features so you can better view your baby in whatever angle or position. This is a great feature if you would like to see the different parts of your baby’s room or when he becomes a toddler and becomes more mobile.

Is the Baby Monitor Secure?

While this is often the most overlooked feature in a baby monitor, it is very important that you do not forget how secure a baby monitor is. There are older baby monitors that experience signal interference which makes the sound heard in the parent unit highly noisy.

In addition, other radio users can easily intercept the signal between the parent unit and baby unit, enabling them to listen in on your conversations with your baby and even possibly hear other sounds in your home. Look for baby monitors that have a digital transmission since a baby monitor with analog transmission can be easily intercepted.

In knowing the different types of baby monitors and comparing the features of each one, you can have a better understanding which one can be best for your home.

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