When you use a baby monitor to be able keep track of your little one, you need it to be clear and working well. If there is static and other noise on your baby monitor you will not be able to clearly hear or see if your child is quietly asleep, happy, unhappy or up to no to good.

A noisy baby monitor that makes more noise than a crying baby is not the type of thing you want keeping you awake.

Static can be a frustrating thing, especially if you have spent hard earned money on a new baby monitor. Tired parents do not want to deal with a faulty baby monitor on top of all the responsibility of looking after a growing child.

So,  if you have asked: why does my baby monitor have static? We are here to clear up some frustration and hopefullythe static as well. We will focus on some of the main reasons you can have static on your babymonitor, and what you can do about it.

What causes static on a baby monitor?

Static is a type of interference with the signal between the transmitter in your baby’s room and the receiver on your end. This can happen with various types of monitors, you can get static on a cheapaudio only monitoror on ahigh end video monitor.

Some types of monitors may be more prone to static and noise and higher end models should be less likely to have it. But it can still happen.It can defeat the purpose of the monitor if you can’t sleep due to the noise, but you can’t leave it off and not know what is happening with your baby.

The signal from your cellphone can cause interference with the baby monitor. But your cellphone is not the only culprit.

Other electronic equipment can also cause interference. Any type of device in your home that works with signals, such as TV’s, radios and so on can cause interference.

Even when these devices are switched off, they may still be on standby and interfering with the signals.

Newer digital baby monitors don’t react as severely to interference as their older analog friends, but they can still get a little rattled by other electronic signals.

The problem can also lie with a wire, damaged antenna or with the sound system itself. A damaged amplifier can also cause static.

Take a look at the range of your baby monitor as well. When you start to exceed the range it was designed for, the receiver can have trouble picking up a clear signal.

Then you can also start to get intermittent noise. IF you have a big solid concrete wall, or a lot of steel between you and the transmission that can block a clear signal as well.

Check the power supply of the monitor, a faulty connection to the outlet or a bad battery can also drain the receiver or transmitters ability to do its job.

Solutions to static on a baby monitor

Ok great, now we know what might be causing the static. But how do you fix it? Well first you can do a basic check.

What do I have here?

Check how your baby monitor operates, does it use AM (Amplitude modulation) radio frequencies, FM (Frequency Modulation) or Wi-Fi? AM is very prone to static and noise, FM a little less and a Wi-Fi system should have very little. So when you choose to buy a new baby monitor choosing one that is known to have less static is a good start.

Power to the people

Now check that the batteries are charged and that the power supply is connected and working well. Use the correct batteries, and not cheap ones.

Fully charged batteries should make a real difference. If it does not, then you know your problem is not with the power.

Don’t run interference

If that is not the problem, check the range of the monitor, see what happens if you move it closer to the receiver. See what happens if you try a different room for example, there might be building materials that cause interference.

This can also be a range issue, so try to keep the receiver and transmitter comfortably close.

Make sure other devices are not causing your troubles, make sure your phone or TV for example are moved away from the monitor. There is only so much you can do, but it should at least reduce the static.

A way to test it is to turn everything off, completely off (not just standby) and then turn on the monitor. Then turn on the devices one by one until you find the culprit.

Channel it

Another option is to change the channel your monitor is transmitting on. This can help reduce interference with devices that are on the same channel or frequency. You can also change the Wi-Fi channel your monitor uses, because your neighbor’s Wi-Fi might be annoying yours.

This can be a process of trial and error, but if you work systematically it will go quickly.  Try to see if anything could be interfering with your Wi-Fi setup as well.

To conclude

So there you have it. In this piece we have tried to help you deal with your baby monitor when it has static. We have tried to give you the main reasons why you could have static on your baby monitor, which can be issues with other devices.

But there can also be problems due to distance, power or physical objects that get in the way. We also added some tips and tricks so you can try to get the static out of your life.

Hopefully one or more of these tips can help you sort out the problem and help you get things to quiet down. Then you can focus on the more important task of getting your little one to settle down for the night.

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