Baby monitors act like your second pair of eyes which lets you do your chores and do other things while still making sure that your baby is safe. Baby monitors are especially helpful for new parents who would like to constantly watch over their babies and have a harder time identifying whether they should run to the rescue or just leave them alone.

Baby monitors can alarm you whenever your baby needs you at any time of the day so you can do other chores around the house as long as you have the parent unit with you. If you are on the hunt for the best baby monitor that you can use at home for your baby, we have listed the top-rated audio, video, and motion baby monitors in the market nowadays.

What are the Top-Rated Baby Monitors?

Philips Avent SCD570/10

The Philips Avent baby monitor is the top choice of parents with its clear sound quality and its capacity to ward off interference. This baby monitor also has a range of 164 feet when used indoors and up to 1,000 feet when using outdoors.

What is great in this model is that it features sound-activated LED lights that would notify the parent unit even if it is on mute. Furthermore, parents can talk to their babies via intercom or use the lullaby setting to let their babies drift off to sleep easily. This baby monitor can last up to 18 hours of use.


Infant Optics DXR-8

The Infant Optics baby monitor is one of the best choices among parents with multiple features that make watching over your baby easier than ever. It has interchangeable lenses that have a wide-angle view and optical zoom.

The lenses can be remotely panned and tilted so you can better view your baby.

This video monitor also comes with a temperatures sensor to alert you whenever your baby’s room becomes too hot or cold. The sound activation of this baby monitor filters white noise so you can hear your baby better at night.


Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor

This motion detector is able to warn parents whenever there is no movement detected from their babies after 20 seconds. This feature is especially helpful for parents who would like to ensure the safety of their newborn, giving them the assurance that this baby monitor can alarm them quickly.

The Angelcare baby monitor also has a clear and interference-free sound which can rival other audio baby monitors. It comes with a night light and a temperature sensor to let parents know about their baby’s room temperature remotely.


VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

For parents who are looking for a cheaper baby monitor that fulfills its basic functions, the VTech Safe &Sound Digital Audio Monitor is a favorite. It features an interference-free sound.

It has a 150-foot range indoors and 1,000-foot range outdoors so you can hear your baby even when you are rooms apart.

Parents love the five LCD lights that measure noise from their baby’s room even when they turn down the volume in their parent device. Furthermore, it comes with two parent units so you and your partner can both have units that you can hold on to while doing various chores around the house.

While this is a very basic baby monitor, it also works as a nightlight and intercom.


Samsung Bright View

The Samsung Bright View video baby monitor boasts of it 720p resolution which gives bright and clear images of your baby as compared to other video monitors. The parent unit has a5-inch screen which is wide enough to let you see your little one easier and better.

The sound quality of this unit is considerably good while the adjustable sensitivity lets parent set the option of being alerted only when their babies stir or move and not because of other white noises. The unique feature in this video monitor is that you can connect up to four cameras to the parent unit.

This makes it great if you have multiple kids that you would like to monitor in different rooms of your home.

Snuza Hero

For parents who already have a baby monitor or would simply prefer a baby monitor that sticks with their babies anywhere they go, the Snuza Hero is a great option. This baby monitor easily clips onto the baby’s diaper and makes a soft tic sound to indicate that your baby is sleeping soundly.

Once the Snuza Hero detects no motion for 15 seconds, it will vibrate to wake up the baby and encourage breathing. If motion is still not detected after 20 seconds, it will sound an alarm.

This baby monitor is great for parents who are on-the-go since the monitor is not limited to the baby’s crib. This makes it a great device to use especially if your baby can easily fall asleep anywhere. Furthermore, this baby monitor is great for parents who co-sleep with their babies or if they have twins.

Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has a wireless feature that works by using your home’s Wi-Fi connection. It has a remote feature which lets you adjust the camera by tilting and panning it to a better position even when you are in another room of your home. You can see all the baby’s movement easily with the LCD screen on the parent unit.

The Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor comes with a temperature monitor to ensure that your baby is at a comfortable room temperature.

Also, the night vision feature of this baby monitor lets parents sees their baby clearly even in the dark. It has five types of sound alerts that vary depending on the amount of noise your child is making.


These baby monitors are the top rating models for 2017 as tried and tested by parents with their babies. They provide easy monitoring of their babies, making them assured and confident that their little ones are safe even when they are not in the same room.

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