When you’re expecting twins, you have to deal with buying double everything. You have to put a lot of thought into your nursery and how you want to set it up. One thing that confuses parents-to-be is the monitor situation. What kind should you get? Should you have more than one since you have two babies? These questions are normal to have. To answer them, you have to consider your needs. You also have to research and compare the ones that you find to find the best baby monitor for twins. Here at Best Baby Station, we provide reviews that are trustworthy and dependable for new and soon-to-be parents. Here are a few tips to find the right baby monitor for twins.

How Many Monitors Do You Need?

The first question that you probably want to know is how many monitors you need for your twins. If you’re keeping both babies in the same room, then you should just buy one monitor. There are quite a few monitors that are on the market that have the capability to scan around the room, so you can see both of them at all times.

If you do decide to have two nurseries, then you should buy two monitors for each room. Some moms choose to keep twins in separate rooms so that they don’t disrupt each other’s sleep patterns.

4 Important Features to Look For

1. Price. You want to have a budget set up especially for monitors. They’re an important item that can get very expensive. It can get doubly expensive if you buy one for each twin. You should invest in a monitor that you’re comfortable with, and one that you know will get the job done. This could mean that you end up spending $200 on a wonderful monitor, but you do get what you pay for. Skip the cheap monitors and go for ones that are high performance.

2. Battery life. Everyone forgets small things, and new parents are no different. You can take steps to ensure that forgetfulness doesn’t affect your baby’s safety. One step is finding a monitor that has a long battery life. If you know that changing batteries is something you’ll forget, buy a monitor that will last all day and all night.

3. Video Capability. The baby monitors you see in movies and on TV are a thing of the past. You can still find baby monitors that act as one-way walkie-talkies, but now video baby monitors dominate the market. They allow you to always keep your eyes on your baby. You might also want to invest in one that is equipped with night vision, so you can see exactly which one is crying in the dark. At the Best Baby Station, we have great video baby monitor reviews for you to look at to determine the best one.

4. Durability. You’ve just had two babies at once. You’re doubly exhausted. It’s likely that you’ll have a case of butterfingers and drop your monitor. You don’t want your investment to go to waste, so get one that is super durable.

The Bottom Line

Having twins can be taxing on parents physically, mentally, and emotionally. Don’t make buying a monitor unnecessarily stressful. Instead, look for video baby monitor reviews and buying guides online. The best baby monitor is one that is dependable.


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