When you’re preparing to have a baby, you know you must get everything you need before they come into the world. You’ll find dozens of checklists that tell you to get hundreds of things, but not all of them are necessary. You need to differentiate between items that are essential and things that are just frivolous. In this checklist, we will cover the ultimate essentials for your new baby.

Sleep Items

When you’re looking for baby items that involve how and where they sleep, you want to focus on items that are long-lasting and won’t clutter up the space. The essentials for sleep include:

  • Muslin wraps so that your baby is sleeping secure and comfortable in their crib.
  • A baby monitor to give you peace of mind. Baby monitors let you watch your beautiful baby when they’re in another room. Baby monitors can be hard to choose because there are so many, but there are many baby monitor reviews out there to help you weigh the pros and cons of each one. Luckily, Best Baby Station is here to give you all the information you need. Pay particular attention to video baby monitor reviews as they’re more effective than the walkie-talkie kind.

Travel Items

  • A car seat for your baby is obviously essential. Add a toy or car mobile to keep your baby from crying while you drive.
  • Shield your baby from the sun with car window shades.
  • Don’t forget your baby bag. Go for something simple that you can use as a handbag so that you’re not taking two bags everywhere.

Grooming and Health Items

  • You’ll need a baby bath. When looking for one, consider one that’s made from mesh. These baths allow your baby to kick around freely with support, which is perfect for babies in the first couple of months.
  • For after bath-time, get a baby towel. A Muslin towel with added hood is great for getting your baby dry and keeping her warm.
  • Before the baby comes, you want to put a first aid kit together and gather some baby medicines.
  • Stock up on wipes and diapers. Buy enough so that you don’t run out quickly because you will run out quickly if you don’t stock up.
  • A lesser-known secret weapon for dealing with diapers? A Diaper Genie. This product acts as a bin for used diapers, allowing you to separate them from your normal trash. What’s more is that neutralizes the odor, removing the unpleasant smell of baby poop from your home!
  • You want to purchase a changing mat as well. It’s an absolute must.

Feeding Items

  • Buy a lot of bibs because your baby will be messy, and you’ll go through a lot of them.
  • You’re going to want to get something to protect your clothes when you burp your baby. You can use an old tea towel if you have one and want to save money, or you can go out and get some burping cloths.
  • This item isn’t necessary for your baby, but, as a mother, you’ll need nipple pads. Your breasts will leak at unknown and inopportune times. You can find washable or disposable pads that work well.
  • Another item for you to get as a mother is a breast pump so that you can store your milk and bottle feed it to your baby.
  • You’ll want Ziploc bags to put your pumped milk in and freeze it.
  • You’ll also need nipple cream so that you don’t get a rash and will protect your nipple if your baby isn’t latching right.
  • You can’t forget bottles, sterilizer, teats, and a bottle brush.

The Most Important Thing You’ll Need

The most important thing you’ll need before and after your baby arrives is support from your family and friends. Call people you know who have been through it to see if they have any advice. They’ll help you understand the most important thing you can give your baby is love.

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