In this review we take a closer look at the Motorola MBP 33XL Baby Monitor, so you can easily decide if this monitor will work for your needs. We will give you an overview of the features of this monitor.

But in the spirit of fairness we will also give you an overview of the good points of this monitor but also some of its less desirable features. You can take a look at our verdict and decide if this monitor will be your choice for keeping an eye on your baby.

The Motorola MBP 33XL Baby Monitor comes with a range of features. It is a wireless monitor with a 3.5 inch diagonal color screen and digital zoom so you can take a closer look at what is happening on camera.

It has two way communication and a display to show the room temperature. It comes with infrared night vision and has a high sensitivity microphone. It has a rechargeable battery with a about a 9 hour life.

It will also let you know when it is running low.  It has a large range an will also let you know when ithas gone out of range. It has lullabies programmed so can soothe your baby while you are not in the room.

Let’s take a closer look at how well these features stack up and if there are any negative things you should be aware of.  Skip down to our verdict for a quick idea about this monitor, or go through all the aspects with us.


  • It comes with Wireless technology featuring 2.4GhZ FHSS
  • It has a 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) diagonal color screen
  • It has digital zoom
  • It comes with two way communication
  • It has a room temperature display
  • It has infrared night vision
  • It comes with a highly sensitive microphone
  • It also comes with 5 lullabies programmed onto the monitor
  • IT has a rechargeable battery with a low battery alert
  • It has an LED that indicates the sound volume
  • It has a 1000ft maximum range with an out of range alert tone
  • It uses one AAA battery
  • It has a battery life of up to 9.5 hours
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces (158.7g)
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 4.8 x 1 inches (8.1 x 12.19 x 2.54 cm)


  • You can leave the camera plugged in if you don’t want to rely on the battery
  • It is reliable and will give you years of service
  • The added music can be controlled remotely and works very well
  • You can turn the LCD screen off to save battery power
  • It comes with a pairing option which means you can have multiple monitors
  • It has decent audio quality
  • The monitor has good image quality and the night vision works well
  • It is easy to set up


  • You cant buy an extra power cord separately
  • It is not compatible to use with a smartphone
  • The range is not as large as promised
  • There is a little motion blur on the monitor
  • The camera mount is not included



This baby monitor from Motorola has a good range of positive features to keep you as parent quite happy. You can either use it as a portable receiver and rely on the batteries or you can leave it plugged in and save a little battery power.

If you want to save even more power you can also easily turn off the LCD screen. It is reliable and will give you years of service. It comes with added lullabies that you can control remotely.

That way your little one can listen to some music while you get on with the housework.  The monitor has good image quality so you can clearly see what is happening even when the room is dark.

You don’t need to be very tech savvy to be able to set it up and there is support available if you get stuck.

On the negative side there are a few points as well that you should be aware of. You need to keep track of the power cords because extra ones are not sold separately.

You cant access the camera via a smartphone so you can only use the monitor that it is paired with.  The camera mount is not included so you will need to mount it with something like tape.

The range of a 1000ft is in a straight line with no obstructions so in your home it might be quite a bit shorter. The image can be a bit blurry when there is a lot of motion.


This monitor compares well to standard types of baby monitors but it does not have the versatility of monitors that can connect to a smartphone for instance. It does not offer recording functions but does have programmed lullabies that gives it a boost above some of its competitors.

It is very easy to set up compared to Wi-Fi monitors that need to be connected to your home network. The image quality is good but the audio is not as great as more expensive types. For its price range it performs reasonably well.


The Motorola MBP 33XL baby monitor does what it promises. It has a good range (if there are no major obstructions in its way) and it is reliable. The additional feature of programmed lullabies is handy and can help soothe your baby while you get on with daily tasks.

It can be paired with up to 4 cameras so you can monitor tow rooms at the same time. Great for keeping tabs of toddlers and newborns.  All things considered, this is a good mid range baby monitor to give you a little peace of mind while you work in your house or yard.

If you need more versatility consider a monitor that is able to connect to a smartphone or tablet.


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