If you are looking for a baby monitor to give you just that little bit of extra help when you are looking after a new baby there are massive range of options. So we are here to help you with the decision making process.

This review is all about the FREDI Baby monitor so you can get a clear idea if this surveillance camera set up will work in your home. We take a look at the features this baby monitor offers and we give you to pros and cons so you can clearly see if this product will find itself on your good side.

We will also give you our verdict. The FREDI Baby monitor has two way talking and is completely wireless and has a unique comical design. You can access the camera from your tablet or smartphone and you can adjust the camera remotely as well.

It can pan 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees so you can avoid blind spots in your baby’s room. It has high quality optics and allows you to see at night with high contrast infrared.

But let’s take a closer look at how well these features perform. That way you can clearly see if can trust it to help you keep an eye on your little one.


  • It comes with two way talking
  • It is wireless and easily connects to your Wi-Fi
  • You can access the camera remotely via smartphone
  • The camera can pan 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees
  • It comes with high quality optics
  • It has high contrast infrared night vision
  • It has a motion detection function
  • It has preset functions and a time trigger
  • It has its own free mobile app
  • It can record to an SD memory card locally
  • Weight: 1 pound ( 450g)
  • Dimensions : 6.2 x 5.5 x 4 inches (15.7 x 13.97 x 10.16 cm)


  • The camera makes a recording and sends it to your phone when the motion detector is activated
  • The app is secure and password protected
  • You can access the camera and adjust the view from anywhere your cellphone can connect
  • You can record to an SD card
  • It is reasonably priced
  • The camera offers good image quality
  • It is responsive
  • It has a good mounting bracket


  • It has only one camera and does not allow for split screen views
  • It can be a little tricky to set up
  • It does not offer cloud recording
  • You need an Ethernet cable to set it up effectively
  • The camera password does not work very securely and tends to reset to default
  • It is easy to hack this camera
  • There can be some network errors with connecting to your Wi-Fi
  • It does not support hidden networks



This little baby monitor from FREDI has more to it than meets the eye. Even though it looks like a little puppy it does have some powerful features behind those cute camera eyes.

It makes a recording and sends it to your phone when the motion detector is activated.  It comes with an app that you can use to adjust the camera and view the room from the palm of your smartphone holding hand.

The app is secure and can be password protected for a little extra security. If you see anything you would like to keep you can record to an onboard SD memory card.

Unfortunately it does not offer recording to cloud storage. It comes with a nice sturdy mounting bracket to keep it in place, and a camera with great image quality. It has two way communication and sound that other monitors (especially in this price range) do not offer.

If you want to shout at this camera for being a bad dog, there are unfortunately, a few reasons.  It does only have one camera and does not allow for split screen views.

It also is a bit tricky to set up and you will need an ethernet cable to really get it to work well.  The camera password is not its best feature, it tends to reset to default and can be a hassle to changeto a more secure one.

It is therefore easy to hack this camera which defeats the purpose of having a secure view, especially when your children are involved.


Compared to other baby monitors this FREDI camera performs very well. It is very reasonably priced, it is responsive and you can easily access it through a variety of devices such as your smartphone.

Many other baby monitors require that you use a specific receiver. The set up of this monitor is a little more tricky than other basic baby monitors but it offers the option to record to a memory card.

For its price, size and quality it really compares very well and actually outperforms more expensive monitors on many levels. However the security of the online connection is not great and can easily be hacked and that really is its big weakness. It can also be a bit sluggish with connecting to the Wi-Fi network. 


This little guy is versatile and gives you a range of options whether you want to keep an eye on your little one or just want additional security for your home. You can even have this puppy keep an eye on your dogs.

The FREDI Baby monitor is inexpensive, responsive and has quite a few features to keep you happy. It will require a little more savvy to set up, but after that it is really easy to use.

We can really recommend that you adopt this little watchdog if you want an extra pair of eyes on your little one, but be sure that you sharpen your IT skills a little and make sure that it will be secure when you use it.


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