Lansor pocket 3 MHz Probe Baby monitor LCD backlight, listen to and record your unborn baby sounds and movement,

A portable baby heartbeat monitor is a great way to have peace of mind during your pregnancy. You can listen to your unborn little one’s heartbeat in-between your doctor visits. You can keep track of that tiny heartbeat and also bond with your baby.

In this review we will take a closer look at the LANSOR pocket baby monitor. We will tell you more about what it features it has, and what is good about it.

We will also be fair and tell you about some of the features that are not so good. We will give you our verdict on this pocket baby monitor so you can make a decision without having to stress too much about the value of this monitor.

The allows you to listen to your unborn baby in the womb. It allows you to listen to a heartbeat and movement as your baby grows.

It features accurate FHR (Fetal Heart rate) detection and is safe and non-invasive. It comes with a built-in speaker with its own volume control.

The baby monitor also has a socket for earbuds or an audio cable connection to a computer. It has a clear LCD display and is really compact so you can easily put it a handbag.

It also comes with an interchangeable probe and it has an ultrasound frequency of 3 MHz.


  • Allows you to listen to your unborn baby’s heart and movement
  • It has accurate FHR (Fetal heart rate) detection
  • It is safe and non-invasive
  • It comes with a LCD display
  • It has a built in speaker with its own volume control
  • It is compact and easy to carry with you
  • It has an interchangeable probe
  • It has an ultrasound frequency of 3MHz
  • It comes with a socket for earbuds or audio connection to a computer
  • Weight: 17.63 ounces (500g)
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 3.74 x 1.37 inches (13.5 x 9.5 x 3.5cm)


  • You can pick up a heartrate from around 14 weeks into the pregnancy
  • It is very easy to use and there are many helpful videos available to help you operate it
  • The heartrate beats per minute indicator is quite accurate
  • It functions well for its price
  • It provides you with peace of mind
  • It is compact so you can carry it with you almost anywhere
  • It comes with one free bottle of gel


  • It can take time to differentiate between your own heartbeat and that of the baby
  • You will need to buy additional gel
  • There can be some static and noise
  • It feels a bit cheaply made


The LANSOR pocket baby heartrate monitor has a great set of positive features. It allows you to listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat from around 14 weeks into your pregnancy.

It is an easy to use monitor and you can even look at a range of videos online to help you use it more effectively. It will provide you with peace of mind, especially because the heart rate display is accurate and clearly visible on the LCD screen.

It is a compact unit and true to its name you can easily carry it in your pocket. You also get a bottle of gel included with your purchase.

On the negative side the monitor can have quite a bit of static and noise. This means it can be difficult to clearly differentiate between the baby’s heartrate and your own.

This can be quite frustrating and may cause you some worry. If you have trouble hearing a heartbeat it might just be the receiver that is not doing its best, or your baby being a bit shy. If you are worried check the batteries, and then consult your doctor.

Another annoyance is that you will also need to budget for additional gel, because the gel you get with your purchase does not last very long. The monitor also feels a bit cheaply made and does not look very hardwearing. But let’s see how it compares to other models as well.


The LANSOR compares very well to other home baby heart rate monitors. It is reasonably priced and has a clear LCD screen that gives a readout of the heartrate.

Other monitors don’t have screens that display the heartrate. It is also ahead of some of its competitors because it has a speaker with volume control and a socket for earbuds.

Other models often only have speakers or a place and port for headphones. It is a bit noisy compared to some other options and it is a bit heavier, but in terms of price and ease of use it really competes in the top range. It is easier to use than other types that do not have separate probes.

Our verdict

This baby heart rate monitor by LANSOR is a great way to reassure a nervous mom or first time parents. It has a good set of features and the clear heart rate display is a main positive feature.

It is reasonably priced and will give you peace of mind when you listen to your baby’s heartbeat in-between visits to your doctor. It is very reasonably priced for what it offers and we can recommend this monitor to nervous first time parents, or anyone who want to listen to their baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy.

The added benefit of the LCD screen with an indication of the beats per minute of your baby’s heartrate really counts in this monitors favor. If you want peace of mind, but also a more accurate sense of baby’s heart rate this is an excellent choice.

Hopefully this review has given you some clarity about the and given you the information you need so you can decide if this will work for you as you embark on your journey as a new mommy.

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