If you need to do a ton of housework while you need to take care of a newborn at the same time, you might feel that you need to clone yourself to get everything done. Luckily technology has come such a long way, that you don’t need to think about how you might need an extra pair of arms.

You can rely on a portable baby monitor so you can go about your daily tasks, while your little one sleeps and you can still keep an eye on her.

In this review we will take a look at the GHB Baby Monitor. It features two way audio talk so you can talk to your baby, but only when you choose to. It is wireless and portable and works with video.

It also has night vision, so you can keep an eye on your child even when they are asleep in a dark room. It has a temperature sensor and is battery powered.

It works well over large ranges such as 160 feet indoors, and even further outdoors, when there is nothing in the way. It comes with two power adapters and a user manual.

But we will also tell you more about what works well with this monitor, and where it does not do so well. We give our verdict so you can have a clear idea before you decide to buy this for your baby’s security.


  • It features two way audio talk
  • It is portable and wireless with a 2.5GhZ frequency
  • It has a video feature with a 2 inch (5.08 cm) color display
  • It comes with an automatic night vision feature
  • It can be used over long ranges of 160 feet or 50m indoors
  • It includes one receiver and one camera
  • It comes with 2 power adapters and user manual
  • It has a temperature sensor
  • It has an easy set up process
  • It is battery powered
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces (362.8g )
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 2.4 inches (12.7 x 2.54 x 6.09 cm)


  • This is a multifunctional monitor that can be used for babies, security or for frail care patients at home
  • It is very compact
  • It is durable, well-made and has an elegant design
  • The video and sound are both clear
  • The night vision works well
  • It has very little to no static or noise
  • It has long cords so you can mount the camera higher on walls
  • The music feature works well
  • The receiver can fit in your pocket and be carried with you


  • The plugs connect to the side of the monitor and is inconvenient
  • It can take several seconds to turn on and show a picture on the screen
  • The video can be a little unclear or fuzzy
  • The LCD screen emits light and can’t be turned off while you are sleeping
  • It has a startup screen and a tune when you turn it on that can be a bit annoying
  • The audio is not on the same standard of quality as the video



The positives of the GHB Baby monitor include that it really is a multifunctional little set up. You can use it in the normal sense of a baby monitor, but you can also employ it to do some security duty for you.

If you have an elderly frail parent that you care for, this can also help you to be sure that they are doing well

But its good points don’t stop there. It is also a compact unit, neither the camera, nor the receiver take up a more than a tiny amount of space. It is sleek and well made.

The sound and video are clear and you will be able to see what is going on even if baby’s room is dark. The night vision function works well.

This monitor has very little noise or additional static, and the music feature where you can play a lullaby for your baby works really well. You can even fit the receiver in your pocket and carry it with you while you go about your day.

The GHB has only a few negatives but in the spirit of fairness we won’t keep it from you. The plugs or cords connect to the side of the camera unit and can be a little inconvenient to mount.

It can also take several seconds for the video to appear on the screen when you turn the receiver on. The video can be fuzzy at times.

The LCD screen also emits light and can’t be turned off while you are sleeping. The video quality is better than the audio quality that can be a bit annoying.

The monitor also has a startup tune like a cellphone that can also work on your nerves a bit. The lullaby music feature doesn’t have the best volume control. That covers the good and bad points lets go to our verdict.  

Our verdict

In this review we took a closer look at the to see if it really measures up. All things considered this GHB Baby monitor really is an excellent choice. It has far more positives on its side than negatives.

It is well made and versatile and has good quality audio and video. If you want peace of mind while you go about your day and need to know that your baby is doing well, this is a great product.

It can also look after the other important things in your life by doing duty as a security camera. The portability of the receiver is a convenient feature and the night vision will help you see if your little one is sleeping without having to go and check and accidently wake her.

We can recommend this baby monitor and hopefully this review has helped you make your mind up as well.


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