If you are about to become a parent for the first time, no doubt you have endless questions and worries.

Everything from creating a list of must-have items for your new little one, to wondering what to do if your baby doesn’t sleep, to anxious thoughts about when they’ll be old enough to start needing discipline, new parents have a lot on their minds and a LOT to learn.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, take advantage of the experience and the tech that has gone before you! There are so many new gadgets out there to help make being a new parent at least a little bit easier.

Check out our top three below:

#1 Baby Monitor

So, you may hear some complaining about how expensive they are, and you may hear others claiming that they aren’t necessary.

But in our experience, even parents living in small apartments end up wishing they’d bought a baby monitor. Especially early on, during the first 6 months, even when baby is sleeping (which they will do a lot in those early days), you will want to check on them frequently – very frequently.

Rather than interrupting your tasks every few minutes to nervously go peak at your little angel, a baby monitor will allow you to quickly check on your little one, take a breath, and keep on with what you were doing. If you live in a large home, this is especially convenient and even necessary – you won’t be able to hear if your baby is crying if you are down stairs or on the far end of the house.

There are an overwhelming number of monitors on the market right now, but one of the best that we recommend is the Infant Optics baby monitor. It will send you both video and sounds from your baby’s room to a handheld transmitter that you can easily carry about the house with you.

This particular monitor will especially be great as your baby gets older and you may leave them playing in their room as a toddler, since it has interchangeable lenses that allow you to change your view.

#2 Noise Machine

As all soon-to-be parents have heard, often through horrifying tales from supposedly well-meaning friends—babies tend to have difficulty learning to sleep through the night.

One of the best gadgets that has helped many a new parent finally get some sleep is a white noise machine. There are a lot on the market, but they essentially all work the same way, usually offering a variety of natural “white noise” sounds that will naturally soothe your little one. Some even have recordings of a beating heart, or of the womb, so that baby hears sounds similar to what was heard in the womb, which naturally soothes and helps baby sleep.

For many parents we have talked to, a white noise machine provided a much-needed miracle – a good night’s sleep for the entire household.

#3 Wearable Thermometer

In all likelihood, at some point in your baby’s first year, they will probably run a fever. While these can often be fairly mild and even normal, fevers are still dangerous, especially for newborns. As such, parents need to monitor fevers closely, even throughout the night, to ensure they don’t spike.

But waking your little one to take their temperature under the arm (or somewhere worse) every half hour or hour is not exactly ideal.

Fortunately, there are some excellent thermometers now that won’t require interrupting your little’s sleep. One of the hottest on the market right now is called TempTraq, which allows you to apply a monitoring patch under your child’s arm that can stay there throughout the night. The patch sends its information to your smartphone, allowing you to check on your baby’s temp as often as you need without risking waking them up.

Are You Ready?

Welcoming a new baby into your home will likely be the most exciting event in your life, but it comes with a lot of stress too, especially as you try to wade through all of your choices.

If you need help finding the best baby monitors and gadgets, we here at Best Baby Station are happy to help. We provide thorough reviews and buying guides for just about every monitor out there to help you make the best decision for your family. We also provide excellent advice from experienced parents!

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