No matter how you swing it, parenting just isn’t the same game that it was a handful of generations ago. While our ancestors definitely had challenges of their own when it came to raising kids from babies into well-adjusted adults, the rapid evolution of technology has changed a lot for parents in a relatively short amount of time.

Here are a few of the key ways that the art of parenting has developed because of modern technology.

More Screen Time, Less Outdoor Free Time

It’s hard to list the ways that technological advancements have affected raising kids without mentioning the obvious—yet relevant—shift in how a child’s free time is spent today compared to the past.

More and more children are growing up accustomed to being handed a phone to quiet them instead of having to entertain themselves through their own creative means. And with an abundance of TV programs and video games designed for kids of all ages, it’s easy to fall into a routine with tech instead of urging kids to go outside and explore.

While these evolutions can be used as helpful tools in raising a child, it’s more necessary than ever that parents are intentional about balancing TV with time spent playing outside and engaging in creative activities.

Simplified Connection with Kids

It’s not all bad though. In many ways, technology has helped parents and guardians stay in touch with their children and develop relationships.

With more advanced baby monitoring systems to keep tabs on children as toddlers and cell phones as they enter youth, parents have freedom to stay in touch with their kids and be more available than ever for emergency situations or when kids are in need of support.

This is an immense benefit, but with it comes an added responsibility for parents to find balance and still allow their children room to make mistakes and learn lessons on their own.

Tools for Discipline and Learning Responsibility

Whether you tell your toddler they can’t watch their cartoons until they finish their vegetables, or you take away your preteen’s phone until they get their grades up, technology can be a huge motivator for kids of all ages and is an effective disciplinary tool.

Additionally, having a cell phone or being allowed access to certain TV programs and video games can help children learn how to be responsible for their own possessions and household duties.

Parental Community Support and Resources

For parents specifically, one of the starkest evolutions in child-rearing brought on by technological advancements is the ability to seek online resources and support from a larger, global community of caregivers.

In the past, parenting questions were answered only by trusted friends and family in whom parents could confide. Now, instead of digging through books at the library for answers or shooting in the dark and hoping your decision doesn’t backfire, parents can turn to an online world of forums to get advice about baby monitors and beyond, as well as support groups to reassure caregivers when they’re feeling insecure.

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