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Hi, and welcome to BestBabyStation.com! I’m Keira Gamble, a happy mama just like you. I’ll never forget the feeling when I saw my pink “+” sign for the first time – it was an unforgettable and life-changing moment. In one second, my future was no longer about me, but about “us.” I was going to be a mom!


So, I happily embarked on my personal ‘nesting’ and fixing up my new baby’s room with all kinds of things he or she would need for this new life with me. However, I soon became very overwhelmed. Mamas, you know what that’s like –standing in a Target baby section, amazed by all of the different baby products out there.


Especially baby monitors. I had to have one, so I could monitor my infant in the crib when I couldn’t be there to watch.


My mind was filled with questions and concerns:


  • What was the best baby monitor for my newborn?
  • How could I ensure that it worked?
  • What were the baby monitor features I had to have?
  • Could it connect with my smartphone?
  • What was the best value for the best price?
  • How can I find one I like in the shortest amount of time?


Tell me you haven’t felt the same! There are awesome products on the market today that really will help your little one thrive and grow.


But, how do you know you’re getting the best?


It takes a lot of your time and energy to sift through all of these baby products and figure out which one is best for you. Time you don’t have, since life is busy, and energy you don’t have, because … well, you’re pregnant!


So, I started this site. I’m here to do the hard work for you! Here, you’ll find not only the most in-depth baby monitor reviews, but also detailed and thorough baby monitor buying guides. They’ll help you get through the nights with your newborn and prove to be one of the most useful products you can ever get for your baby.


As a mom myself, I know the importance of getting an awesome baby monitor can’t be overstated.


Your future good nights of sleep are worth it, new mama!


Keira Gamble

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