INSMA Baby Monitor Wireless Live Camera Review

INSMA Baby Monitor Wireless Live Camera Review

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The baby monitor is an advantageous piece of equipment which will make concerned parents feel at ease when it comes to the safety of their child. The convenience and security it provides cannot compare to other devices for this matter. While baby sound monitors are beneficial, the ones which offer video present a bigger advantage because users can clearly see what’s happening inside the nursery.

Video baby monitors help parents in a myriad of ways. You can start your search for one by means of reading the rest of this INSMA Baby Monitor Wireless Live Camera review.

INSMA Baby Monitor Wireless Live Camera, Talk-Back Two-Way Audio, Night Vision Temp Sensor, Long-rang Signal, Built-in Lullaby Comfort baby, 2' LCD Screen, Long life Baby Camera Keep An Eye on Baby


  • Easy to set up and install
  • User-friendly monitor
  • Comes with 2.0-inch high-contrast LCD monitor
  • Offers live camera option
  • Has long-range signal
  • Comes with 2-way talking feature
  • Has infrared night vision
  • Comes with temperature sensor and lullaby
  • Includes flexible camera and longer cables
  • Presents longer battery life in Vox mode



In case you are tired of the audio monitor and want to level up your baby surveillance game, you can opt for a quality set of video baby monitors. They are advanced, they are portable and more often than not, will give you double the peace of mind.

One of the first things you have to watch out for in a video baby monitor is its clarity. Of course, as a parent, you do not want an audio-visual device that provides a blurry or out of focus display.

The majority of video baby monitors include color displays. This model from INSMA has excellent clarity. It provides a clear picture in standard viewing mode and even night vision.

Also, it is important to check if the product has night vision. The INSMA Live Camera baby monitor comes with infrared night vision which means the device can be used without trouble at night.

It will provide you with a clear view of your child even when used in rooms with low-light conditions.

The majority of baby monitors these days include audio features and this INSMA model, being a live camera monitor, comes with sound. This lets users hear sounds coming from the nursery and check for inconsistencies.

This unit allows for great communication even at a far distance without having users to shout into the device’s speaker. Furthermore, the model includes a talk back feature which is another great plus for a baby monitor.

The unit has a decent range which is important, especially if you live in a large house. You want an audible and clear view of your baby even he is in a room upstairs while you are downstairs.

Another good thing about this product is its setup. Pairing the transmitter, which is the baby unit, and the receiver, which is the parent unit, is fast and simple.

The manual that the product comes with features clear and understandable instructions of the steps required to operate the device. The monitor is easy to use and the receiver has a portable size, which is well and good with parents. They can carry the receiver anywhere they go, hang it or allow it to stand.


The INSMA live camera baby monitor, despite its excellent sound and video quality, has its drawbacks too. One of the factors you need to look for in a video monitor is the angle coverage.

A monitor with wide angle coverage is always a nice buy. This model might put off some due to its smaller screen. In addition, the monitor at times freezes up or may stick abruptly so you have to turn the device off and switch it back on once more.

Lastly, the battery of the receiver does not have a long operating life so it is recommended that you use the Vox mode if you want to save its battery life.


The INSMA Baby Monitor Wireless Live Camera is user-friendly—all users have to do is connect the camera to the video receiver and you’re finished. The package comes with individual cords and both the transmitter and receiver have a compact, portable size.

You can put a lullaby on the receiver, talk to your child, set an alarm, and more. Users can also look for the date and time and check on the temperature in the nursery.

The unit comes with night vision too, which is another huge plus for this product. This is recommended for an entry-level video baby monitor.


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